Laithwaites Wine Club
Laithwaites Wine Club
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Huge savings on Fantastic Wines! Join a Wine Club today and you'll receive amazing benefits as well as incredible wines. We've got so many Wine Clubs to choose from. Browse the selection below from our trusted merchants and see which wine club suits you!

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Introductory £80 Voucher PLUS make savings every month on Wine when you become a Naked Wines Angel

Naked Wines

Naked Wines Angels

Join 330,000 Naked Wines Angels and support independent winemakers directly by investing £25 a month. Spend the money whenever and however you want and get exclusive discounts and freebies.

  • Membership: £25 paid into your Naked Wines account monthly
  • Bottles received: order as many as you want, whenever you want
  • Type of wine: any type you want
  • Benefits: 25% to 50% off all wines; a free bottle every month when you buy a case; access to exclusive wines and tastings
  • Cancel conditions: you can leave the Angels whenever you want. Any money left in your account will be given back to you.

Get an extra £80 to spend at Naked Wines now. Spend £134.99 today and save £80 on your order!

Redeem your voucher from the table below:

Naked Wines Voucher

Merchant Spend Voucher You Pay
£134.99 £80 £54.99
Here's your £80 Voucher Code Voucher terms
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Save over £97 on your first case when you join Laithwaite's Wine Plan!


Laithwaites Subscribe & Save: Heroes Wine Plan

Save over £97 on your introductory case of 12 bottles PLUS Free Dartington Crystal Glasses, and a further 20% off on all hero wines thereafter. Enjoy the value, convenience and quality of a regular wine subscription.

Receive 12 of Laithwaites' best bottles of wine, their Heroes, for a staggering £7.99 each when you sign up to the Laithwaites Subscribe & Save.

  • How the Membership works: Save an enticing 40% with your first case and 20% on each wine afterwards. Choose from a mixed, reds or whites case of Laithwaites' Hero wines - their all-time bestsellers.
  • Future Cases: Save at least 20% on future cases – currently £135 plus £7.99 delivery. They'll give plenty of notice and you can cancel any time.
  • You're in control: They do the delivering but you still have the wheel. Swap wines, delay your delivery … or cancel at any time. You’re 100% in charge.
  • Benefits: 20% off individual bottle prices as well as the ability to increase or decrease case frequency. PLUS tasting notes and wine breakdowns to read!
  • Money back guarantee: If you decide you don't want the wine, you can simply arrange for Laithwaites to pick it up from your door at no cost.
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NEW: Save 50% on The Wine Club!

Laithwaites Wine Club

Save 50% on the Laithwaites Wine Club

We are so excited to announce a BRAND NEW, limited time only offer from Laithwaites.

Join The Wine Club and save 50% when you purchase your first 4, 8 or 12 bottle case. Just use the code below at checkout and save on some exciting wines! For as little as £25, it's a no brainer.

What is The Wine Club?

The Wine Club is sourced directly from the winemaker, where Laithwaites have gained life-long relationships giving them access to the cream of the crop. This is your chance to try the best of the best.

How does it work?

  • Choose you case size: 4, 8 or 12 Bottles.
  • Choose your wines: Select from Red, White or Mixed PLUS have the freedom to swap bottles in and out in your case.
  • New Wines: Every 4 weeks a new mix of superb bottles to get stuck into.
  • Enjoy: Get your delivery for free and delight in the wines!

The benefits

  • Flexibility: skip or swap bottles at your own convenience.
  • Unlimited Membership: Laithwaites' special membership includes free next day delivery for any wines you buy (even just one!) which is ideal for those last-minute orders.
  • Exclusive Vouchers: You’ll receive complimentary vouchers to use when the supplies are looking low.
  • No quibble: Don't actually want the case this month? Just give them a call and Laithwaites will pick it up at your convenience with a full, no quibble, money back guarantee.

Don't miss the opportunity to join the club with our 50% off welcome offer - It really is the best way to buy your wines with Laithwaites.


50% off Laithwaites Wine Club >

Save 50% here

Merchant Spend Voucher You Pay
£50 £25 £25
50% OFF your first Wine Club Case Voucher terms
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Wine Club by Majestic - Wine discovery like no other

Majestic Wine Logo

Save up to £200 and get your 12 bottle cases from just £99

Known for their amazing selection of wines from all over the world - including many customer favourites, this new wine club aims to break the mould.

You won't find these bottles in any stores, they are meticulously hand picked from hundreds of wines by not one, but two Masters of Wine!

Each bottle included in one of these cases, is there because it deserves to be. This is for outstanding flavour and craftmanship from dedicated winemakers.

How it works:

  • You'll receive Four themed cases per year - Each one based around a different region, country, theme or grape.

  • You'll receive a detailed fact sheet about all the wines, plus tasting notes and even recipes by top chefs to compliment them. Plus you are taken to the heart of each wine with exclusive videos from the winemakers

  • Once your subscription is active, you have the choice to upgrade, skip a case or cancel at any time.

  • If a wine isn't to your liking, you'll also receive your money back - no questions asked. So you see, though they make it easy to cancel your subscription, they also know you won't want to.

  • Extra benefits include Mix Six pricing on single bottles, vouchers up to £200, Free tickets to tasting and a 10% off anything there too plus FREE delivery

Is it worth it? Well you'll just need to taste them for yourself to know it is.

Shop the Wine Club >

Introductory £75 Voucher, PLUS discounts every month when you join Virgin Wines WineBank!

£75 Virgin WineBank Voucher

£75 Voucher from Virgin Wines!

Stock up on luxurious hand-made wines with a fantastic £75 Wine Voucher from our friends at Virgin Wines - yours to spend on your first purchase of wines worth £134.88 or more, complete with FREE express delivery direct to your door!
Choose from delicious 12-bottle mixed cases starting at just £4.99 a bottle with your voucher, or browse over 600 top-quality bottles to pick and choose your own selection. Whether you’re looking for fruit-filled reds, crisp and refreshing whites, or even bottles of bubbly, Virgin Wines have all you need to enjoy a glass of delicious wine when you want it.
This voucher also acts as the perfect introduction to Virgin Wines’ WineBank service, which allows you, as a member, to earn 20% interest on the money you save, giving you big discounts on the wines you want... and all with free express delivery as standard.
Unlock your voucher code from the table below!

Or how about an epic case of 12 wines and 2 free stemless wine glasses for just £4.99 a bottle? Click here

Virgin Wines £75 WineBank Voucher

Merchant Spend Voucher You Pay
£134.88 £75 £59.88
Here's your £75 Virgin Wines voucher code Voucher terms
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Free Case of Wine from Wine52!

Free wine just for you

Claim your free case of wine from the UK’s fastest growing wine club: Wine52. Claim today and get a case of three carefully selected wines from the beautiful Abruzzo region of central Italy.

Wine52 is the fastest growing wine club in the UK for a reason. Join them on their global journey of wine discovery and try a different region each and every month. They want to showcase the true nature of every region with native grape variety and independent wineries being of paramount importance.

Abruzzo, nestled in the heart of Italy, is a hidden gem among wine regions offering a captivating blend of tradition, diversity, and outstanding wine. The region has a rich viticultural history dating back to Roman times, showcasing a deep connection to the land and its traditions. Today, winemakers in Abruzzo combine centuries-old techniques with modern innovations to craft wines of exceptional quality and diversity, mirroring the diverse topography of the land itself.

  • Lu Ferre from Borgo Venna uses the Trebbiano grape to produce a fresh, fruity and floral profile, coupled with crisp acidity and a lingering finish. Crisp apple and zesty citrus notes combine with the fragrance of white blossoms. There's a subtle minerality underscoring the aroma, a true tribute to the region's terroir.
  • Angizia from Ettore Galasso is ripe with sweet fruit flavors, mellow texture and medium body, offering a captivating journey through the vineyards of Abruzzo. The wine opens with an inviting bouquet of blackcurrants, black cherries, and plums and the palate is a revelation of sweet fruit flavours. Well integrated tannins produce in a medium-bodied wine that is incredibly approachable.

You can choose from red, white or a mixture of wines and also included is Glug magazine and a couple of tasty snacks. Simply cover £9.95 for postage and it’s all yours.

Read about the latest Case

Grab this free case now! >
Updated 26th March 2024

FREE Case of Wine from Cellar Rats

Free wine just for you with your first case!

Claim your case worth £34.99 for FREE and embark on a journey with the latest Wine Club on the scene: Cellar Rats.

Served in 6 of their cosy week night (quarter) bottles, you'll be able to enjoy a glass (or two) of quality wine without the need to drink a whole bottle. Their motto is simple: Drink less. Drink Better. You'll be sampling up to £90 of wine (if all are bought as full bottles) so you know you're getting treated!

They procure the world's best wines and serve them to you for a fraction of the cost - Split your box between red, white and rose and discover the world's most delicious wines. To sweeten the deal that bit more, your first case worth £34.99 is on us! All you need to do is cover the postage for a mere £5.99.

How it works

  • Sign up and create your case - It couldn't be easier to pick between the number of reds, whites and roses and choose your bespoke case.
  • Curated Cases Each Month - Their professional tasters do the "hard" work to get you the very best wines.
  • Find new favourites - Found a wine you just need more of? Check their shop and buy a whole bottle! It's a great way to experiment with small glasses of wine to home in on your new favourite bottle.
  • It gets better and better - Each month they tinker your box based on feedback and tailor the wine box to suit you!
  • Perks - Unlock member perks including flash deals on top wines.
  • Flexible payment - Depending on how often you decide to pay (1, 3, 6 or 12 months) you can get each wine from as little as £4.66
Claim your free case now! >
Updated 2nd April 2024

FREE Case of Wine from Cellar Rats!

Merchant Spend Voucher You Pay
£5.99 £34.99 5.99
Free Case of Wine from Cellar Rats Voucher terms
- Reveal voucher and visit site
Let us know what you think! Review or comment on your experience of these wine clubs

your experience of these wine clubs Reviews

Are Wine Clubs a good thing? Are they good value? Why might I join one or more?

By Master of Wine, Christopher Burr

Join a Wine Club

During "lock down" membership of Wine Clubs has increased dramatically, and by and large new members are enjoying the new experience. There are now at least twelve major UK wide national Clubs, and many smaller local ones, so for the major ones I have produced a table of what they all offer.

But first, why would you consider joining one? Speaking to our users there are a number of key aspects that wine lovers find attractive and useful;-

  • Firstly, it is so convenient to have wine delivered straight to your door, rather than having to carry heavy bottles, and most Clubs deliver for free if the order is over a certain size.

  • Secondly, it is an easy way to experiment with new and different wines, and most Clubs offer excellent advice, good tasting notes and educational material. So it is an easy way to learn about different wines, and if you don't like the wine, they nearly all offer a money back guarantee. So, it is a low-risk way to experiment.

  • Thirdly, they mostly have monthly or quarterly subscription/saving schemes and when there is enough in your account you can redeem your savings, often at a discount, for a case or more of wine of your choice. And one Club even offers you interest on funds in your account!

  • Finally, on joining and for special purchases, most of the Clubs offer a significant money off benefit for the first order. Some also offer free glasses or a decanter and some free extra bottles. Some have wine fairs and tastings to go to. All of which are a considerable attraction on first joining, and may make you consider joining more than one!

But before you look through the offers and incentives, let me give you a few words of friendly advice.

You join a Wine Club to get good wine at a fair price. Some wine ranges are undoubtedly better than others. Most of them have a few "stars", a lot of good honest regular well- made wines, and a few which are mediocre!

So if you start by trying a well know favourite against what you normally drink, you will soon see which is better and also best value. Remember you can always send a duff bottle, or one you really don't like back and get a refund.

Also whilst there are deals and incentives, always check prices, sometimes difficult, but Clubs are not always the cheapest, as they offer extra services, and often the wines are not directly comparable.

Check delivery costs to make sure you don't end up with a big charge for sending two bottles to the Outer Hebrides!

I have to admit I am a member of three Wine Clubs, one I use a lot, one I use occasionally, and one I am yet to start their saving scheme as I haven't yet seen a wine I am keen to try.

Shop all Wine Clubs and Compare Offers >

Updated 26th September 2023

Country: United States

Laithwaites Wine Club