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Case price from: £19.88
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Chapel Down Brut NV
Case price from: £14.99
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Chapel Down Bacchus Sparkling
Case price from: £14.39
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Chapel Down Bacchus
Case price from: £26.99
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Chapel Down Rose Brut NV
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Chapel Down Flint Dry
Case price from: £22.13
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Chapel Down English Sparkling Rose
Case price from: £27.89
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Chapel Down Kit's Coty Bacchus
Case price from: £15.49
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Chapel Down English Rose
Case price from: £144.00
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Chapel Down English Sparkling Reserve
Case price from: £35.09
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Chapel Down Kit's Coty Chardonnay
Case price from: £61.19
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Chapel Down Classic Non-Vintage Brut - Magnum...
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David Andrews, DipWSET

David Andrews, DipWSET Student

Read the article by David below.

David brings great enthusiasm to the wine industry, starting with Majestic Wine in 2019 and now joining us at Winesdirect in 2023. He has completed his WSET Diploma qualification and looking forward to share his expert knowledge and tidbits of the wine world.

As an industry enthusiast and expert, David also writes a regular blog on instagram. Check it out here @oinosattheoikos

Read more articles by: David Andrews

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About Chapel Down Wines

Based in Kent, Chapel Down produces still and sparkling wines as well as beers under Curious Brewing. They are based in Tenterden where the chalky soils (as in Champagne) of the North downs have contributed to their acclaim. Indeed, it is hard to hear about the growing reputation of English sparkling wine without the name Chapel Down coming up. Nowadays you’ll find their sparkling wines sitting on wine lists alongside Champagnes as an often slightly cheaper alternative. It is not cheaper because of the quality, but because it doesn’t have the name Champagne tagged on. In fact, you’d be far better off opting for the Chapel Down because it represents better value for money.

Not only is the climate remarkably similar to that of Champagne but the methods used to make their wines are as well. Chapel Down use the traditional method, which is considered the best around, whereby the wine undergoes its second fermentation in bottle to make their fizz. It is also worth noting that they source their grapes from vineyards across Kent, Sussex and Essex to make sure they have a varied crop allowing them to home in on choosing the best grapes for the job and make micro-adjustments to achieve perfection.

There is growing evidence to suggest that English vineyards are going to become a key source of premium sparkling wine in the future, largely due to climate change. Pommery already have established vineyards and a sparkling, whilst Taittinger have invested in vineyards in Kent. A taste test set up by Matthew Jukes in Paris found that even the French preferred English fizz to their own Champagne. So, now really is the time to make the turn to English sparkling wine if you haven’t already, and why not start with England’s leading producer?

What are Chapel Down Wines?

Chapel Down Brut – a traditional blend of the Champagne trio Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier but with the small addition of Pinot Blanc, lending some body. It is fresh and fruity boasting red apple, lemon, quince and bread dough.

 Chapel Down Brut

Shop Chapel Down Brut >

Chapel Down Rosé Brut – A similar blend to the Brut, but with the addition of delicate red fruit flavours. Redcurrant, strawberry and cranberry to name a few make this a great Summer wine.

 Chapel Down Rosé Brut

Shop Chapel Down Rosé Brut >

A Touch of Sparkle – Originally this was their Sparkling Bacchus, however, the winemakers have since decided to put some Chardonnay into the blend with the Bacchus grapes. It is both tropical and floral with flavours of pineapple, grapefruit and elderflower and a gentle mousse.

 A touch of Sparkle

Shop A touch of Sparkle >

The still wines

Did you know that English still wine has also made an impression on the wine scene? A number of grape hybrids created in Germany to combat cold climates that you have likely never heard of fill English vineyards and make excellent still wines. Often, they aren’t quite good enough to act as single varietal wines, but when blended can really complement each other and offer seriously good flavours.

Chapel Down Bacchus – One of those grapes that does actually hold up on its own. Bacchus is a delicate, floral grape with flavours of elderflower, lime, grapefruit and melon. It is a crisp wine with good acidity to add to the freshness.

 Chapel Down Bacchus

Shop Chapel Down Bacchus >

Chapel Down Flint Dry – One of the blends with grapes such as Siegerrebe and Reichensteiner, but it is a majority Chardonnay. This blend creates quite an aromatic style of wine, also crisp, and displays pear and melon notes.

 Chapel Down Flint Dry

Shop Chapel Down Flint Dry >

Chapel Down English Rose – This is a delicate style of Rose, much like Provence, but a little more weighty on the palate. Strawberries and cream solidify the Englishness of this wine.

 Chapel Down English Rose

Shop Chapel Down English Rose >

Kit’s Coty: The Premium Selection

Undoubtedly the best of the best from Chapel Down are their Kit’s Coty wines, produced from their best vineyards. Here are a few:

Kit’s Coty Coeur de Cuvee – Giving Grand Marque Champagne a run for its money, the ‘heart’ of the Chapel Down fizz collection is 100% Chardonay. It is rich and elegant with intense purity of fruit.

 Kit’s Coty Coeur de Cuvee

Shop Kit’s Coty Coeur de Cuvee >

Kit’s Coty Bacchus – A taste of the excellence of English varieties. These wines undergo wild fermentation, capturing the real essence of the vineyards and creating much more lively flavours. It has rich and pure ripe green apple and elderflower in abundance.

 Kit’s Coty Bacchus

Shop Kit’s Coty Bacchus >

Shop the rest of Kit's Coty here.

This blog was written by our wine expert, David Andrews. Read his Instagram blog @oinosattheoikos

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We like this home grown wine. Chapel Down in Tenterden is well worth a visit a really enjoyable relaxing day meandering through the vineyard if Kent. The coffee bar & restaurant a must .

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Rating: 5/5 

Excellent dry refreshing as good as more expensive fizz

Review by , .
Rating: 5/5 
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