WinesDirect About Us was started in 2005, and co-founder Jon Rebuck along with his team have been enhancing the website and building relationships with partners over the last 11 years.

WinesDirect offers visitors price comparisons from many of the UK's largest wine merchants and supermarkets and a wealth of wine information which has now grown into an informative guide helping customers gain a greater appreciation of the UK market.

Our aim is to help people find the best wines at the UK's best prices. We also hope that whilst using the site our visitors will learn something new about their favourite wines and discover more to be enjoyed by themselves and their friends and family.

As any wine drinker is aware, there are a lot of amazing wines in the world and some which may need a little more developing, so we would like to encourage anyone visiting the site to get involved and help your fellow wine drinker by leaving your reviews and messages on WinesDirect.