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Fever Tree Ginger Beer / 20cl
Case price: £0.95
Per bottle: £0.95
Dixie Lager Lager / Pilsner Beer
Case price: £1.95
Per bottle: £1.95
Asahi Super Dry Lager / Pilsner Beer
Case price: £1.95
Per bottle: £1.95
Our best prices:
Adnams Lighthouse Bitter Beer
Case price: £1.98
Per bottle: £1.98
Our best prices:
Moritz Lager / Pilsner Beer
Case price: £2.00
Per bottle: £2.00
Curious Porter Beer
Case price: £2.20
Per bottle: £2.20
Braybrooke Beer Co. Keller Lager
Case price: £2.59
Per bottle: £2.29
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The Craft Beer revolution is here to stay!

Craft beer

With their quirky names and vibrant packaging, you’d be hard pushed not to notice the explosion in Craft beers on our supermarket shelves and in our pubs.

In fact, more than 300 breweries launched in the UK in 2016 alone*. So what exactly is causing this upward trend? Well it’s partly due to the fact that we, as consumers, are always demanding better quality, better flavours and more choice.

We are spoiled and we want to keep it that way. Which is why we can’t see this momentum slowing down any time soon.

Beer for the modern individual

There is another new trend we believe will also contribute to the continual growth in the Craft beer market. Beer Clubs. That's beer delivered directly to your front door. Oh yes, in a world dominated by online shopping, and recipe boxes – it was only a matter of time.

There are now countless beer subscription boxes out there, offering upwards of 8 bottles delivered to you each month (or however often you wish). These hand selected bottles, from small and unique breweries, only go to further the drinking experience.

It’s a win-win situation. For those who are passionate about trying new things, they get to enjoy flavours they may have never thought of purchasing. For those who like a certain style of beer (eg. Pale ale), often these boxes can be tailored to them.

Finally, it Is a chance to discover a new brand, and the opportunity to re-order directly from that company, if they wish.

Beer Clubs are bringing the brewers and the consumers together and connecting them in communities of craft beer enthusiasts. Depending on the Beer Club, you are able to rate, discuss and recommend the selection each month. When you join a Beer Club, it’s like drinking with a friend!

Daily Mail - accessed 13.09.18
by Erin Tynan, 17th September 2018
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