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Black Stump Wine - Durif Shiraz
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											The Black Stump Family Mix
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Black Stump Sauvignon Blanc
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The Black Stump Reserve Shiraz
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The Black Stump Premium Durif
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Christopher Burr, MW, reviews The Black Stump Durif Shiraz available at Laithwaite's Wine

The Black Stump range of wines are a premium range from the hugely successful Casella family, who emigrated to South Australia from Sicily in the late 1960's. They had been making wine since the 1820's and have gone on to set up one of the most successful wine businesses in Australia. Now exported all around the World, this wine is a good example of what Australia can produce in skilful hands.

I suppose it is not surprising that this wine has the rich weight (14.5%) and intensity, ripe round voluptuous fruit and a spicy finish, when it comes from a Sicilian family. It is like an Aussie expression of a big southern Italian wine.

The great red grape of the vineyards around Adelaide is of course Shiraz, which interestingly was imported from the Rhone as Syrah in the 1800's. When the cuttings first came for propagation from Sydney, the handwriting was misread as Shiraz!

Black Stump is a blend of Shiraz from the cooler Clare Valley, which retains nice fresh acidity, with the rich warmth and spiciness of the warmer McLaren Vale to the south of Adelaide.

This is a wine for those who like rich, gutsy flavours and is ideal for a cold winter's day with a hearty stew.

Black Stump Durif Shiraz

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What is Black Stump?

Black Stump is the name given to a highly successful range of wines, developed by, and available exclusively through Laithwaite's and Direct Wines online. This brand was created a decade ago and produced by John Casella of the Casella winery, one of the largest producers in Australia. Ten years on, it has created waves with its high popularity and loyal following, making it one of the top wines on the Laithwaite's selection.

Where does Black Stump come from?

The brand, Black Stump, was created 10 years ago, in a collaboration between Laithwaite's and John Casella, owner of Australia’s largest wine producer Casella. Whilst Casella, a long and well established wine company (and the owner of the internationally successful Yellow Tail brand), produced high volumes of wine, and diverse brands, they were approached to create a bespoke and exclusive wine for the leading mail order retailer in the UK.

Black Stump is entirely John Casella’s project; the name is derived from an Australian expression meaning ‘the back of beyond’, and Laithwaite's have been phenomenally successful in building up a UK Australian wine brand, that is available uniquely online, or via their mail order business.

This is a lifestyle brand, not one with history and legacy. But it shows how wine businesses in the UK understand their customers, and look to develop wines that suit their clientele and their tastes.

The success of this brand is built on the first wine launched, which has become almost iconic, and has a cult following with Laithwaite's customers. The Black Stump Durif Shiraz is now one of their top 10 sellers, in the vast portfolio of wines that they offer their customers. Winning wine competition awards year after year, it is a true testament to the quality focus that the team have put into this wine.

The grape is what makes this wine unique, stand out from the crowd, and set it aside from the ubiquitous Shiraz Cabernet blend. The Durif grape originated in southern France, a cross between Syrah and the little known Peloursin. It is now grown in many wine regions of the world, notably Australia and also California, where it is known as Petite Sirah.

It’s a dense, dark grape, almost black in colour, with a powerful inky character, that is best blended with other grapes, to enhance its character. It’s a little known grape, but one which has certainly made its mark on Laithwaite's customers, who return time and time again, to get hold of stock of this bold, sumptuous red.

Since its launch, Laithwaite's have brought in other wines within the range, but the Black Stump Durif Shiraz remains, not only its benchmark, but one of the jewels in its crown.

What styles of wine do Black Stump produce?

Black Stump produces a limited range of wines, which are available only through one mail order and online company.

At the heart of the brand is the Durif grape, a little known black grape, which was originally grown in Victoria, Australia, and is now produced across South Australia. Its dark, dense colour, and intense flavour helps produce rich, spicy, full bodied reds, especially when blended with another grape variety.

Black Stump Durif Shiraz – Laithwaite's number 1 selling Australian red wine, with a real cult following; big, bold and spicy, the intense blueberry hued and scented Durif, works well with the spicy, chocolatey Shiraz – powerful, yet velvety.

Black Stump Reserve Shiraz – another big, bold, bruiser of a wine, this time Shiraz stand along – expect a rich intensity of blackberry, black pepper, spice and mocha.

Black Stump Durif Rose – the Durif grape is back, this time in a soft, red berry fruit Rose, with a soft, fruity style.

Black Stump Chardonnay/Pinot Grigio – fresh, peachy and lively, this is a fruity, peach and passion fruit charged, zesty white.

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4.7 based on 6 reviews

Red/black Aussie full of big flavours. Great stuff punching above its price band

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Rating:   5/5  

Tried the Black Stump Reserve Shiraz 2016 and 2019. Powerful, smooth and deliciously rich

Review by , .
Rating:   4/5  

Great Aussie wine, just love it and keep buying it!

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Rating:   5/5  

The best value black red available today

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Rating:   4/5  

Liquid velvet ,,,,,,,,,,,lovely

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Rating:   5/5  

Liquid velvet ,,,,,,,,,,,lovely

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Rating:   5/5