The 3rd largest wine growing region, with 27,000 ha, about one third of the size of south Australia. With Melbourne at its heart, the region spans north, right up to the border with New South Wales. It produces considerably less than South Australia and New South Wales, largely due to dryness, and lack of irrigation, yet possesses the largest number of wineries, many of them small, of any Australian wine region.

About Victoria Wines

One of the most diverse of all of the Australian wine growing regions, it produces the entire gamut of wines, from crisp , fresh sparkling wines, through seamlessly elegant, cool climate Pinot Noirs, to rich, intense, sticky Muscat wines!

Mornington Peninsula and Geelong – situated about 50km south of Melbourne, this is a much colder, windier region than many, influenced by the gulf winds, and now producing fresh, elegant Chardonnays, and some of the most aromatic Rieslings and Pinot Gris. However its most recent claim to fame, and now lauded by wine critics and lovers of this grape variety in similar measures, is for its unique Pinot Noir wines, without doubt the finest that Australia produces, and able to challenge New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere quality stakes.

Victoria Wine Regions

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Rutherglen – a hot region, inland and bordering New South Wales, which produces some of the richest, glorious and stickiest Muscats in the world!

Murray/Darling – sharing this area with New South Wales, this is the volume producing part of the region.

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