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Love Jack Rabbit Wines? Then you'll be pleased to know you can purchase the same wine right here, in it's Bottled form (Echo Falls). This means you can enjoy the wine you've sampled at the bar, right in the comfort of your own home! Echo Falls have a whole range of delicious, fruity, easy drinking wines and we've got the best prices. Shop the whole range below!

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Jack Daniels White Rabbit Whiskey
Case price from: £47.01
Per item: £47.01
Jack Rabbit Prosecco DOC
Case price from: £10.99
Per item: £10.99
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About Jack Rabbit Wine


Jack Rabbit wines are all about fun, relaxing, and enjoying wine ,without being too serious about it. With it’s memorable label, and laid- back style, it’s a brand of wine, which covers styles to suit all tastes, but keeps the flavours soft, and easy-drinking.

Background to Jack Rabbit

You’ll see bottles of Jack Rabbit in lots of clubs, pubs and bars around the UK. It’s a range of wines from California, produced in the Central Valley, close to Madera, where the warm, sunny weather smiles on the acres of vines, and helps produce soft, gentle, friendly white and red wines. So if you’ve enjoyed these wines on a night out, you can now enjoy them at home too!

The aim at Jack Rabbit is to make wine approachable and enjoyable – juicy, fruity, and ready for drinking the minute you buy it; not too intense, not too complex, just straightforward, welcoming and smooth.

Styles of Wine

Jack Rabbit is all about soft, friendly, easy-drinking wines, whatever the colour, or style.

The warm Central Valley of California, nestled between a mountain range and the Pacific, is the perfect environment for producing these juicy, soft wines.

California is famous for its buttery, fruity Chardonnay but is also producing lighter, fresher, crisp styles of wine from the Sauvignon blanc.

Jack Rabbit knows a trend or two, and has twitched its nose at the popular White Zinfandel– soft, semi-sweet, and a fruit bomb of strawberries and cream.

For those who love red wine but want uncomplicated styles, Jack Rabbit has found the answer too… a smooth, silky Merlot, and a rich, spicy Shiraz – no fuss, no frills, simple, easy- drinking soft, ripe reds.

Food and wine matching

Jack Rabbit wines are designed for relaxed evenings and entertaing with friends. All these wines are great on their own, or with just a few nibbles, crisps or snacks.

Jack Rabbit Sauvignon blanc – lively, crisp, and fresh, it’s great on its own, or with prawns, mezze or thai curry

Jack Rabbit Chardonnay – smooth and creamy, try this with chicken Caesar salad, and salmon kebabs

Jack Rabbit Pinot Grigio – delicate and peachily soft, try this with seafood tapas, and creamy seafood linguine.

Jack Rabbit White Zinfandel – soft, sweet, yet refreshingly fruity, this is a must with strawberries and cream; or fruit desserts; and surprisingly … fantastic with spicy Indian snacks

Jack Rabbit Merlot – soft and smooth, this easy-drinking red works well with meatballs, lasagna, and steak burgers.

Jack Rabbit Shiraz – rich, spicy and full on, try this with steak, sausages, and spicy beef tacos.

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One of my favourite wines…started to drink the wine whist at 1 of our fav restaurants…so thought I’d see if I could buy it..so pleased to able to buy on line and locally…it’s a very palatable wine not too heavy and fits the pockets too..well recommended

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Rating:   5/5  

Absolutely fabulous

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Rating:   5/5