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Combine your 30% off new customer deal with Black Friday and Christmas Offers at Laithwaites

New customers - Save 30% off 6 bottles or more!

If you've not yet shopped at Laithwaites, then you'll have to soon. They have you covered this Christmas with 30% off for new customers

On its own, this offer will see all new customers save 30% when you purchase 6 bottles or more as well as free delivery. But, then combine this with their Black Friday and Christmas offers to save up to 55%. Hurry though because their Black Friday deals run out tomorrow!

Just add the code to bottles already on offer and see what you can save. This results in savings like a whopping 55% off on their No.1 Prosecco Casa Cantalini, bringing it from £13.99 per bottle to just £6.29!

The absolute Mega Deal is the Black Reds Case this Christmas at 30% off. It includes 12 of the bestselling, most rich, dark reds in the range, a FREE Bottle of Malbec, FREE Glasses (worth £18) and FREE Delivery! Add your 30% new customer saving to bring it to £75.52, saving 54% overall as well as all those freebies. Bargain!

Not only is Black Friday on but the Christmas Shop is also open for business! Save on festive favourites, gifts and celebratory fizz and Xmas cases. Again, use your 30% off new customer code and save even more. The Christmas Collection Mix is already down from £176.39 to £119.88. The extra 30% off will bring it down to a fabulous £83.92 - That's a cool 52% saving. 

So, If you haven't yet got your Christmas wines sorted, or even just need to stock up with something new, Laithwaites are practically giving wine away with their Christmas AND Black Friday Offers. What are you waiting for?

Save 55% at Laithwaites today!
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