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Dom Perignon Champagne

Compare prices and discounts of famous Dom Perignon, the father of all Champagne! Have a look at our Deal of the Day or Price History to buy this luxurious drink for less. If you set up Price Alerts, we will keep you informed as soon as the price of your chosen bottle drops

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Find the Best Price for Dom Perignon

Case price from: £175.00
Per item: £175.00
Save 20%
Dom Perignon Vintage Champagne
Case price from: £595.00
Per item: £595.00
Dom Perignon Vintage Magnum
Case price from: £355.00
Per item: £355.00
Save 12%
Dom Perignon Rose Vintage
Case price from: £409.99
Per item: £409.99
Save 18%
Dom Perignon P2 Vintage Champagne
Case price from: £750.00
Per item: £750.00
Dom Perignon 1980 Vintage Champagne
Case price from: £3,000.00
Per item: £3,000.00
Dom Perignon Vintage Jeroboam
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Why is Dom Perignon so Expensive?

Dom Perignon Champagne Logo

The ultimate in luxury, super premium Champagnes, this is definitely an ‘A’ lister on all Champagne lists, and a coveted acquisition for any wine cellar. It is always vintage and commands high prices at auctions all over the world. Adding to this image, it is frequently selected as the Champagne served at prestigious occasions, such as the marriage of the Prince of Wales to Lady Diana Spencer.

Recently, an article on Wine Searcher ranked it as the most sought after Champagne in the World with an average score of 94!

But why is it so expensive? Apart from the prestige associated with it, it is genuinely made to the highest of standards. It is a mixture of the meticulous winemaking in both the winery and vineyard, time from both ageing and intensive labour efforts that go into each bottle, the value of the grapes from exceptional vineyards, the rarity (particular in recent vintages), rich history and of course taste. It is indeed quite a few steps above your average Champagne!

So, how much does Dom Perignon Cost? These days for their standard Vintage you are looking between £170-£250.

History Of Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon (1638-1715) was a Benedictine monk at the Abbaye de Hautvilliers, in the Champagne region. He is widely recognised as the person who ‘invented‘ Champagne. As well as learning to blend different grapes to create the best quality wines, he perfected the art of making white wine from black grapes; most importantly he discovered the secret and method of secondary fermentation to create the bubbles and the fizz in the bottle (interestingly he regarded the bubbles as a fault with the wine). He then also started the tradition of bottling wine with corks, instead of wooden stoppers, and also started using heavier bottles as the standard ones were likely to explode with the carbon dioxide pressure of the gas!

The current bottle reflects the heavy, traditional bottle shape and style, and the label also harks back to the traditional origins of the product.

Dom Perignon Champagne Styles

Dom Perignon Vintage Champagne Dom Perignon Rose Vintage Champagne

Only ever produced in vintage years, the wines come from the very top vineyards, and are a blend of 50/50 Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. In youth, Dom Perignon has a rich, smooth, creamy freshness, which, with age, develops into a glorious wine, of great finesse, with toasty complexity, structure and depth.

I have been lucky enough to try a number of Doms, including a 1996 Rose, the P2, and 3 or 4 other vintages of the white Champagne. It is only ever made in vintage years so tasting notes will differ but generally the wines have a strong brioche presence from ageing as well as a beautiful floral and citrus character. Complexity and minerality are abounding. The P2 in particular stands out, the idea behind this series being it is aged for 15 years in the darkness and perfect conditions of their own cellars, allowing you to skip the impatience and difficulty of maturing it yourself but reaping the tasty results!

Updated on 15th April 2024 by our resident wine expert David Andrews. Read his blog on Instagram @oinosattheoikos

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Dom Perignon Champagne Reviews

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Average customer review
4.9 based on 20 reviews

Delicious & doesn’t give headache

Review by Hannah Fuller, .
Rating: 5/5 

Very fresh and moorish

Review by Jonathan Mullins, .
Rating: 5/5 

The best champagne I have ever tasted, although I haven't tried too many

Review by Ed, .
Rating: 5/5 

Favourite special occasion champers! Getting a bottle thrown in was the reason we chose our wedding venue!

Review by Charlotte Boardman , .
Rating: 5/5 

Delicious and quaffable, although the price is a little, well a lot out of my budget! I was given a bottle of vintage DP when I got married. I only drank it, the day I divorced him.....

Review by Karen Young, .
Rating: 5/5 

Dry, delicious, ultra sparkling.

Review by Malcolm McKee, .
Rating: 5/5 

it takes time to perfect this nectar but worth the wait

Review by Adrian , .
Rating: 4/5 


Review by RIONA MOORE, .
Rating: 5/5 


Review by Mir, .
Rating: 4/5 

Absolute class in a glass - if I ever win the lottery I’ll drink it every weekend

Review by Ben Daly, .
Rating: 5/5 

The true king of all champagne

Review by Simon Harrington , .
Rating: 5/5 

Very crisp taste expensive

Review by Louisa, .
Rating: 5/5 


Review by Geoff, .
Rating: 5/5 

I love all Champagne, but there's something about a bottle of Don that makes you feel super special. Like you're won the lottery, or you're a billionaire. I'd love to buy one one day without feeling like a bit of a prat, but mostly prats can afford it sadly!

Review by Julia, .
Rating: 5/5 

My favourite champagne is Dom Perignon, a crisp dry wonderful champagne

Review by Lyndiloo, .
Rating: 5/5 


Review by ChampagneCharlie, .
Rating: 5/5 

I have only had this on a few occasions but the flavour is second to none

Review by Cleo, .
Rating: 5/5 

historical in all ways

Review by Robert Hatch, .
Rating: 4/5 

Dom perignon has a taste quality that makes you buy it again

Review by Helen Liu, .
Rating: 5/5 

Clean, crisp and a very professional taste

Review by Lee Middleton , .
Rating: 5/5 
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