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Japanese Whisky

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Case price from: £33.95
Per item: £33.95
Save 32%
Hatozaki Pure Malt Japanese Whisky Japanese B...
Case price from: £79.74
Per item: £79.74
Kaiyo Mizunara Oak Japanese Whisky
Case price from: £38.50
Per item: £38.50
Nikka Days Japanese Blended Whisky
Case price from: £51.95
Per item: £51.95
Save 21%
Suntory Chita Whisky Japanese Single Grain Wh...
Case price from: £31.89
Per item: £31.89
Save 13%
Suntory Toki Japanese Whisky
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About Japanese Whisky

The production of Whisky in Japan began in 1870, but the first commercial production was in 1924 by Yamazaki. The taste has a lot more in common with Scotch over Irish Whisky and so the name reflects this.

The two most well known companies now producing Whisky in Japan are Suntory and Nikka which both produce blended as well as single malt whiskies. The Yamakazi company still produce whisky and in recent years have been pitted against Scotch Whisky in blind tasting and on more than one occasion have won.

Japanese Whisky:

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