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Introducing, a brand new and exciting wine club - brought to you proudly, by Majestic.

Known for their amazing selection of wines from all over the world - including many customer favourites, this new wine club aims to break the mould.

You won't find these bottles in any stores, they are meticulously hand picked from hundreds of wines by not one, but two Masters of Wine!

Each bottle included on one of these cases, is there because it deserves to be. This is for outstanding flavour and craftmanship from dedicated winemakers.

How it works:

  • You'll receive Four themed cases per year (plus an optional Christmas Case). Each one is based around a different region, country or grape.

  • You'll receive a detailed fact sheet about all the wines, plus tasting notes and even recipes to compliment them. Plus of course, information on the people that bring these wines to life.

  • Once your subscription is active, you have the choice to upgrade your wines, skip a case or cancel at any time.

  • If a wine isn't to your liking, you'll also receive your money back - no questions asked. So you see, though they make it easy to cancel your subscription, they also know you won't want to.

How do they know? Well you'll just need to taste them for yourself.

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Still not convinced? Check out this 2 minute video from the team at Majestic and you'll see what all the fuss is about.

Majestic Wine Club Video Link
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Laithwaites buy 6 save 25%