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Save 23%
Edinburgh Gin
Case price: £22.00
Per bottle: £22.00
IWSC Silver Outstanding 2016
Save 21%
Sipsmith London Dry Gin
Case price: £22.50
Per bottle: £22.50
Save 21%
Ableforth's Bathtub Gin
Case price: £25.00
Per bottle: £25.00
Save 20%
*Chapel Down Pinot Noir Gin
Case price: £28.00
Per bottle: £28.00
Save 18%
Adnams Copper House Distilled Gin
Case price: £22.00
Per bottle: £22.00
IWSC Packaging Silver 2016 2016
Save 15%
Portobello Road No.171 London Dry Gin
Case price: £22.00
Per bottle: £22.00
Save 15%
Liverpool Organic Artisanal English Gin
Case price: £33.00
Per bottle: £33.00
Save 15%
Bulldog London Dry Gin
Case price: £19.00
Per bottle: £19.00
IWSC Bronze 2016
Save 9%
No. 3 London Dry Gin
Case price: £33.89
Per bottle: £39.95 £33.89
Our best prices:
Save 8%
No. 3 London Dry Gin
Case price: £33.95
Per bottle: £35.95 £33.95
Hendrick's Gin 70cl
Case price: £28.95
Per bottle: £34.95 £28.95
IWSC Silver Outstanding 2016
Blackwoods 2017 Vintage Dry London Dry Gin
Case price: £21.89
Per bottle: £23.99 £21.89
Black Thistle Gin
Case price: £32.95
Per bottle: £34.99 £32.95
Bright Spirits Pips Flavoured Gin
Case price: £34.99
Per bottle: £34.99
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Let’s talk about Gin

Seeing a massive surge in popularity over recent years, Gin is suddenly much more than just a staple behind the bar. It is a foundation on which some bars are born!

Though it once lost its popularity to whisky and vodka, Gin has had a rebirth thanks to the changing laws around Distillery size. This has meant the rise in craft gins and in turn the varieties we have on offer now are vast. Not forgetting the emergence of new and improved tonic waters and other mixers which have been crafted specifically to sit perfectly alongside. We really are a spoiled bunch.

What is gin made from?

Gin starts out like many other distilled spirits, it has a neutral base spirit to which botanicals and flavourings are added. The key ingredient that makes its count as ‘Gin’ and not vodka for example, is the addition of Juniper berries.

Juniper berries which in fact, aren’t technically berries at all. They are actually a female seed cone, a highly evolved pinecone with fleshy and merged scales that has the appearance of a berry. Now there’s a fact to impress your friends with at the pub!

So, the additional ingredients that go into your favourite gins depend entirely on the maker. Every gin recipe is unique hence why some varieties can have very dominant citrus, floral or spicy notes.

WinesDirect | Gin and Tonic Varieties

Varieties of Gin

To learn more about the varieties of gin, you can click the following links:

Another variety that has stormed onto the scene more recently, are flavoured gins. We’re talking Rhubarb, Blood Orange, Rose – you name it, someone is probably making it. Because these varieties tend to be sweeter, they are opening the Gin market to a new audience, who previously discounted gin as bitter and dry.

The introduction of fruit flavours is not simply a gimmick to make more money, in a way they make sense. After all, every gin (in order to be well balanced) must have a citrus element. For example, Silent Pool Gin is made with orange zest. When served with a slice of orange, this truly helps to bring out the flavour of the gin.

As a product which people already enjoy served with fruit, it seems natural that a fruit-based variety works incredibly well. Think of it as an enhancement of what’s already there.

For an amazing selection of flavoured gins from all major retailers, click here. We always have the lowest prices and greatest discounts.

The importance of tonic

We were fascinated to read about the origins of gin and tonic, which was actually a result of Malaria treatment, believe it or not.

In the 1820’s, officers of the British Army in India, in an attempt to ward off malaria, mixed quinine – taken from the cinchona tree, (or 'fever tree', as it is colloquially known) with sugar and water, creating the first Indian Tonic Water.

This was made more palatable when they added a little gin to the mixture. Hence the Gin and tonic was born! Maybe it’s just me, but this piece of history makes a drink so much more enjoyable. It gives you an appreciation of the origin and is a fun fact to share with those around you. Drinking Gin is a sociable activity after all…

If you look around you now in any supermarket or off licence, the selection of tonic water on offer is vast. Some which have been carefully crafted to complement specific gins. We really are spoilt for choice.

Gin Cocktails

Gin is an incredibly versatile spirit that forms the base of many cocktails. Bartenders will be able to tell you how it is suitable for Champagne cocktails, fruitier, tropical drinks and of course, the classic Martini.

Yes, it is a drink that can be sipped, shaken or stirred depending on what mood you’re in – so it’s a ‘yes’ from us!

Got a taste for the perfect G+T? Head over to our gin brands page for the best deals on your favourite. We’ve compared all major retailers to make sure you get more for your money.

Let us know which one you go for!

Updated 23rd July 2018
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