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New Customers Save 30% at Laithwaites!

New Customers: Save 30% at Laithwaites!

We are so excited to see this offer BACK from Laithwaites.

This offer will see all new customers save an extra 30% at Laithwaites. Already an amazing saving, but that's not the only great thing about this. You'll also unlock FREE delivery, directly to your door.

Unlike our existing voucher codes with Laithwaites which require you to purchase a minimum of 12 bottles, and a spend of £95, this voucher allows you to save money just like that with no extra requirements.

Perfect if you're looking to dip your toe into their fantastic range for the first time. Choose from the likes of customer favourites Cabalié and Pillastro Primitivo, perfect for the Summer BBQ, or for the whites, the ever-popular Mussel Pot Sauvignon Blanc or rich and rounded Queen Bee Viognier.

Don't miss the opportunity to use this very special voucher code. Unlock it from the voucher table below.

Wine Voucher Codes

Merchant Spend Voucher You Pay
£35.94 30.00% off 25.16
Save 30% when you buy 6 bottle or more at Laithwaites Voucher terms
- Reveal voucher and visit site
The Laithwaites Wine Festival 2024
This year a few of us from WinesDirect were kindly invited along to the Laithwaites Wine Festival in May to get to meet producers, distributors, importers and celebs alike. And then not forgetting the important business of tasting the wines of course, including classics like Cabalié and The Black Stump Durif Shiraz but also a number of the fine wines and more unusual varieties and countries that were there. This festival is arguably the best I have ever been to and is open for everyone. You may…
The Best January Wine Sales 2024
January is here and, for some, that means a chance to do Dry January and start the year on a healthier footing. In my line of work, Dry January seems distinctly unlikely (not to mention I enjoy the taste too much) but that doesn’t stop me cutting down the frequency at least. This difficulty is compounded by the extremely tempting offers on the market at the moment with Bin-End Clearance and Winter Sales everywhere you look. Still, even if you are trying to avoid drinking, it shouldn’t stop you…
Laithwaites Advent Calendars 2023
This year the Laithwaites Advent Calendars have returned by popular demand after selling out very quickly the previous year. After all, who doesn’t want a mini wine gift every day in the lead up to Christmas? And this year they have improved with an entire bottle of Prosecco for the New Year’s Day slot letting you see in the big day in style. The standard choice is between a mixed, all red or all white calendar and if you order in advance you will save £10. For me, the obvious choice is the…
Wines for a Spring or Summer Wedding 2023
By Master of Wine, Christopher Burr 15/10/2022 I have recently been contacted by a cousin of mine, and also a good old friend whose daughter is getting married, to get my advice on wines for their weddings. When I got married back in the 1970's we had a good tea after the service, then a few glasses of Champagne for toasts and with the wedding cake. Nowadays there are wedding breakfasts and a whole range of wines are needed. I would certainly advise two good wine merchants who provide a most…
Laithwaites Advent Calendars 2022
By Master of Wine, Christopher Burr 15/10/2022 Laithwaites have a special and most interesting offer of several different Wine Advent Calendars, with 24 quarter bottles of some of their most popular wines. This is a most interesting idea, but you need to log in and register interest before the end of October. A quarter bottle is the perfect size for just over two good glasses, each day in the run up to Christmas, and wonderful variety each day. The premium Fine Wine Calendar is the one I would…
Laithwaites in the forefront of the discovery of some exquisite Provence Rose's
By Master of Wine, Christopher Burr I have a number of longstanding connections with rose' wines, I was involved with the marketing a Mateus Rose' in the 1980's, helped by Princess Margaret who often asked for "that slightly fizzy pink wine in the pretty bottle"! And I was the agent in the Uk for Domaine Ott, then brand leader in Provence rose' and other good wines. So it was with some sadness to see the sales of rose' wines decline as they became so unfashionable in the 1990's, mainly due to…
Are Glass Wine Bottles a thing of the past?
By Master of Wine, Christopher Burr Updated 11/10/2023 In the first of a series of articles about how the wine industry can reduce its carbon footprint, Christopher Burr explores current research and thinking. The UK Government has pledged to cut carbon emissions 78% by 2035, and become carbon neutral by 2050, so how can the wine industry play its part? The wine industry, as much as anyone, is mindful and concerned about the environment. Global warming is affecting many growing areas, and…
Valentine 2022 'Must Drinks'!
By Master of Wine, Christopher Burr 04/02/2022 Valentine's Day has been celebrated, first as a pagan festival, then by the ancient Romans then associated with various Christian Saints called Valentine, as a festival of romance and love. Around the World flowers, chocolates and gifts are given, but for a romantic evening what is it best to drink? The fashion for pink wine has to be a good place to start. A nicely romantic aperitif might be a bottle of pink fizz, and there are lots of great…
Make New Years Eve 2021 really sparkle!
By Master of Wine, Christopher Burr 29/12/2021 New Year's Eve is party time. So, what celebratory and fun drinks to serve to take everyone away from gloomy news stories, and get them in an optimistic "can do" mood for 2022? Champagne and sparkling wine is an obvious choice, and I have written lots about my favourite and best value fizzes before Christmas, but for 2022 why not try some of the wonderful sparkling wines we are now making in England and Wales? One of my favourites is made by Henry…
The Perfect partner for your Christmas Pud
By Master of Wine, Christopher Burr 20/12/2021 Christmas Pudding is a very rich sweet desert, and a delicious part of the Christmas celebrations. But it is not the easiest dish to match with wine, particularly after adding liberal doses of Brandy Butter or Brandy Sauce. One is tempted to choose a wine equally rich and sweet, and I have some suggestions. But for my personal taste I find such combinations far too sweet and cloying. I like the counterpoint of a crisp bright Champagne to end the…
Chris Burr on Christmas Port
Port wine has recently been thought of as a rather dated drink for fusty old men, and surrounded with some sort of strange unfathomable rituals; decanting, passing it clockwise from right to left, let alone the confusing number of different types and House brand names! However I am encouraged to find lots of younger people enjoying Port, mainly the lighter styles which don't need decanting (and who would have thought as recently as ten years ago that Gin would all of a sudden become the most…
Chris Burr Reviews Black Stump Durif Shiraz
Christopher Burr, MW reviews: The Black Stump range of wines are a premium range from the hugely successful Casella family, who emigrated to South Australia from Sicily in the late 1960's. They had been making wine since the 1820's and have gone on to set up one of the most successful wine businesses in Australia. Now exported all around the World, this wine is a good example of what Australia can produce in skilful hands. I suppose it is not surprising that this wine has the rich weight…
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