Chambolle-Musigny Wines

Chambolle is a tiny commune, right in the heart of the Cote de Nuits, nestled between Morey saint – Denis and Vougeot, with a population of less than 400. However its reputation is stellar, and is one of the most prized appellations of the Cote de Nuits.

Known as the most feminine and perfumed of the Cote de Nuits reds, this appellation has 2 grand crus, Bonnes Mares and Musigny. At their best, the wines are intensely fragrant and elegant, with soft, red fruit character, refined, seductive and silky.

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Chambolle-Musigny Wine Prices

Save 15%
Domaine Faiveley Chambolle-Musigny
Case price from: £564.00
Per item: £55.00 £47.00
Domaine Lignier Chambolle-Musigny
Case price from: £44.00
Per item: £44.00
Save 20%
Domaine Hudelot-Baillet Chambolle-Musigny Vie...
Case price from: £44.00
Per item: £55.00 £44.00
Save 12%
Domaine Hudelot-Baillet Chambolle-Musigny
Case price from: £529.18
Per item: £50.00 £44.10
Save 5%
Domaine Francois Bertheau Chambolle-Musigny
Case price from: £55.00
Per item: £58.00 £55.00
Save 20%
Domaine Albert Bichot Chambolle-Musigny 1er C...
Case price from: £56.00
Per item: £70.00 £56.00
Save 13%
Henri de Villamont - Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cr...
Case price from: £59.99
Per item: £68.99 £59.99
Save 11%
Domaine Albert Bichot Chambolle-Musigny Premi...
Case price from: £429.59
Per item: £80.00 £71.60
Perrot-Minot - Chambolle-Musigny 2015
Case price from: £836.11
Per item: £69.68
Save 16%
Domaine René Bouvier Chambolle-Musigny Premie...
Case price from: £76.00
Per item: £90.00 £76.00
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