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Sommeliers Choice Boutique Champagne

Boutique Champagne - Sommeliers Choice

The Champagne region has around fifteen thousand wine growers in total. A great majority of them are selling their wines to what we call the “Grandes Marques”. A few of them choose another direction. Strong of their Terroir, some winemakers are producing and creating their own wines with grapes from their family owned vineyards or from some of friends and other family members guarantying a unique traceability of their products.

Mostly situated in the best villages that are Premier and Grand cru they apply much specialized wine making techniques which can be organic, biodynamic or even from Burgundian influence. With very low yield they really focus on the quality of their champagnes and are producing a very limited number of bottles every year. Praised by sommeliers and wine connoisseurs around the globe and rated 90/100 or plus by great wine tasters such as Robert Parker these houses are now considered to be the new Elite of champagne and benefit of the best value for money in champagne today. In fact most of their champagnes can rival the best known top cuvees for a fraction of the price and always guarantee a tremendous champagne experience reviving the fact that “Champagne is wine!” Previously only available on the wine lists of the very best restaurants these exceptional houses are finally available to purchase here.

Giraud Hemart, Ay

The house of Giraud Hemart, led by Claude Giraud, is one of the most award winning champagne houses around. Based in the grand cru village of Ay they produce a thought after range that is simply listed in all the best restaurants wine lists. Packed with flavours, all of their champagnes have their own personality with a wide range of tastes and aromas. The Grand Cru vintage is matured in barrels made with oak coming from nearby Argonne forest and has been rated with an impressive 95/100 by the wine advocate.

Delamotte, Le Mesnil sur Oger

Delamotte, situated in the grand cru village of Le Mesnil sur Oger, is one house that has one unique particularity in the fact that they own some of the finest vineyards of champagne. Mostly planted with chardonnay the house is the sister house of legendary Salon. The range is impressive and offers a chance to taste some amazing champagnes with great value for money. The Blancs de Blancs they produce are stunning for aperitif.

Dehours, Cerseuil

Jerome Dehours works his magic in the village of Cerseuil in the south of the Vallee de la Marne. There, for the fourth generation the family manages to express the best of the Pinot Meunier revealing its body, heart, spirit and even its soul. His range is like no other and offers to the wine connoisseur rich and flavorsome champagnes. Champagne Dehours is one of few champagne growers to harvest the latest possible in order to get the ripest fruits like in October for the cuvee Les Genevraux. A must try at a very good value.

De Sousa & Fils, Avize

If you wanted to know who was at the top of the champagne pyramid look no further. Erick De Sousa is one man who has changed the appreciation of champagne for ever. Leader in biodynamic growing his house, based in the grand cru village of Avize, produce some of the most mind blowing Blancs de Blancs. With moderate yield and late picking as well as low dosage Erick creates flavorsome, mineral and unbeaten champagnes. To prove the standards achieved here; Andreas Larsson, Best Sommelier of the World 2007, has given his personal endorsement. If you never tried the best, now is the time.

J. Dumangin & Fils, Chigny Les Roses

Chigny les Roses is a premier cru village in the Montagne de Reims where the Dumangin family has been growers for five generations. The house is led today by Gilles Dumangin, a dynamic winemaker in love with the East that even created the unique Extra Brut especially to match spicy food. The range is rich and very fruit driven. Their particularity is to own one of only two pressing machines in the world that allow the grapes to be really gently pressed extracting the best juice possible to make the best champagne possible.

Eric Rodez, Ambonnay

Eric Rodez does not make champagne! He is making sublime champagnes! Based in the Grand Cru village of Ambonnay where he owns 7 hectares divided in 35 plots his style of champagne is of Burgundian influence with a perfect integration of oak that he mastered whilst working alongside Henri Krug and, on the top of that, with an organic wine growing method. His range is truly mind blowing and due to a very small production prized by the most refined champagne connoisseurs. This is one house to discover and to choose for impressing your guests at dinners.

Larmandier-Bernier, Vertus

Pierre Larmandier is a living legend! This champagne grower based in the premier cru village of Vertus, has a range of four fantastic wines. Biodynamic culture, natural yeast, low dosage and late picking are what make these champagnes so unique. By choosing the hardest path to wine making Pierre Larmandier has managed to produce some of the most thought after champagnes ever made. His rose de saignee has even been voted second best pink champagne in the world. You can only be amazed with his champagnes.

Phillipponnat, Mareuil sur Ay

That is in the village of Mareuil-sur-Ay that the Philipponnat dynasty has created truly wonderful champagnes for sixteen generations. Led today by Charles Philipponnat the house is renowned for its successful use of Pinot Noir and has gained international recognition for the whole of its range. The Clos des Goisses, their top cuvee, is coming from a small parcel which compiles all necessary qualities to create perfect champagne and it just does that. This champagne is one of the finest around and always has been a collecting items as it can age well over thirty years.

Salon, Le Mesnil sur Oger

Created in 1911, Champagne Salon is the creation of one man, a champagne connoisseur enchanted then seduced by the terroir of Le Mesnil . Eugène-Aimé Salon, a singular personality and bon vivant, succeeded in inventing the champagne of his desired : an unprecedented Blanc de Blancs. Unique for more than one reason, the single cru Salon is the precise embodiment of a fragment of unequalled nature. An exceptional success!

Soutiran, Ambonnay

The grand cru village of Ambonnay is producing from far some of the finest champagnes of today. The house of Soutiran, based in the village since 1969, is one house to discover and is only available here. Their philosophy is to make champagnes like top chefs create dishes. Picking the best ingredients, creating a perfect blend that will express the true personality of a particular grape or Terroir the house has won many hearts in the sommelier world. At less than £30.00 per bottle you have a unique occasion to be impressed and impress at the aperitif or at dinner. A definite must buy!

Tarlant, Oeilly

Champagne Tarlant, based in Oeuilly is guided by nature. Blessed with a unique Terroire the house, led by Jean-Mary and Benoit Tarlant has managed to create a wide range of very tasty and refreshing champagnes. Known by connoisseurs their tete de cuvee, Les Vignes d’Antan, is for wine lovers what the Rosetta stone is for archeologists. This Blanc de Blancs is made with grapes of un-grafted chardonnay. If you are looking for the original Tarlant is a house for you.

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