10 Wines, 4 Italian Speciality Foods and a FREE DRONE for just £69.90!

Explore the world from above, with this stunning new offer from Giordano. As well as 10 sumptuous Italian Wines and 4 traditional snacks, as part of this offer you'll receive a W10 Drone completely FREE!
The Wines!
  • Andrea Vino Rosso (Dry Red Wine) x 2
  • Malvasia Pinot Grigio (Dry White Wine) x 2
  • Dicasa Vino Bianco (Dry White Wine) x 2
  • Raggiante Rosso (Dry Red Wine) x 2
  • Rosso Dicasa (Dry Red Wine) x 2
The Foods!
  • Peppers in aromatic herbs and olive oil
  • Mediterranean Olive Sauce
  • Fusilli Tri-coloured Pasta
  • Baci di dama (sweet biscuits)
  • 480 MP Wi-Fi camera that takes pictures and records videos
  • Remote control with smartphone holder
  • App for Android and iOS
  • Flight time 9/10 minutes
  • Completely charged in 60 minutes
All for just £69.90! It's too good to resist, so grab your offer before it's gone.
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Please note: Due to limited availability, Giordano Vini regret that this offer if reserved exclusively for new customers. All orders will be verified and, if placed by an existing customer or one with the same delivery address, they must reserve the right to cancel the order without prior notice. This will not affect a customer’s right to participate in future customer-only offers.

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Have purchased several deals from Giordano and never had any complaints. The wine is very drinkable and the food treats are lovely. No complaints.

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Rating:   5/5  

Good value offers but be careful as some of the wine is "Produce of the European Union" of from "Vineyards of the Mediterranean" so not Italian even if blended and bottled in Italy. Not bad drinking though, although at the "party plonk" end of the scale. Ignore flowery descriptions that tell you nothing about the provenance of what you are drinking.

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Rating:   3/5  
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