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Tannico Wine Offers January 2021

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Explore delicious wines of Italy with Tannico, the world's largest Italian wine shop!
Search through the countless wine regions of Italy to find the bottles to suit you. You'll browse sparkling Classics such as Lambrusco, Asti and of course - Prosecco. Or you may take a wander through the Vineyards of Puglia, for the best and most sundrenched bottles of Primitivo.
Plus right now there is up to 26% off on Fantastic bottles of Sparkling Wine. From Prosecco to Franciacorta, these wines impressed all the critics and they can be yours today.
Wherever your Italian Wine journey takes you - you'll find it all at Tannico with plenty of great offers available too!
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About Tannico

Tannico Logo

About Tannico

Tannico is an Italian e-commerce website selling high quality wines at competitive prices. Their goal is to build the wine shop of your dreams! They carefully select the best wines from Italy and other countries as each bottle is tested by a team of sommeliers.

Tannico's offers are usually accessible to members only. However, we've negotiated a special link that will get you a sneak peek into their delicious wines and prices. Just click on the voucher table above and it will take you to their Italian wines section.

Delivery Options at Tannico

Delivery is free on all orders over £149, otherwise you will be charge a flat fee of £7.95 per order.

Minimum Purchase at Tannico

There is no minimum number of bottles or amount to spend to place an order on Tannico.

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