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Save up to 37% on Italian brilliance from Tuscany and beyond🍷

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Rooted deep in the heart of Tuscany, Saraceni Wines is a family run enterprise known for taking traditional winemaking techniques and values and combining them with some very innovative methods and styles of wines to create exciting wines that will wow everyone this Christmas.
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30% OFF! £12.56 Blumond Blue Bubbly

Did the colour draw your eye? If you want something with true wow factor this is the ultimate hosting bubbly. An ice cool blue with a sweet palate and beautiful peach flavour. It's easy to drink and great to show off!


30% OFF! £12.56 Mario Sparkling Lemoncello

The first and only sparkling Lemoncello. Crisp, refreshing, lemony - made to be enjoyed at any time of the day. Why not kick off festivities with this fantastic aperitif, or, thanks to the low alcohol content, use it as an evening wind down?
Serve over ice!


30% OFF! £12.56 Splendia Fragolino

Complete your wine rainbow with the light and delicate Splendia Fragolino. Filled with wild strawberry and sweet notes, this is another great crowd pleaser!


37% OFF! £12.56 Vipra Rosso

Vipra Rosso is a blend of local and international varieties culminating in classic Italian winemaking. It's full bodied and remarkably smooth with some lovely toasty oak notes and spice.


32% OFF! £17.06 Libero Riserva di Famiglia

The wine of the family, you know this one is a special one. Dark and decadent with maraschino cherries, blackberry, blackcurrant, coffee and dark chocolate undertones. A smooth, enveloping moutfeel sings of the luxury of this wine.

So, make your Christmas a special one with some show stopping wines that will change the way you perceive conventional winemaking.
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