Flavourly Craft Beer Club

Flavourly craft beer club

Each month, Flavourly’s resident beer geeks scour the globe for the most delicious craft beers the brewing world has to offer, from hoppy pale ales to robust stouts and everything in between.

You can personalise the selection to meet your tastes, and then sit back and relax - they'll be delivered straight to your door each month! You can even rate, review and re-order your favourites from the bottleshop if you simply can't wait for the next month's supply!

34 Craft Beers & 2 Glasses for just £39.95!


34 Craft Beers and 2 tastings glasses for just £39.95 Plus Free Delivery.

This limited time deal is too good to miss - enjoy 34 Craft Beers and 2 beer tasting glasses for just £39.95, with free delivery straight to your door! This is a one off purchase, so you won't be tied into any kind of subscription. This makes it the perfect way to stock up your beer fridge.
You'll receive:
  • 34 Delicious Craft Beers
  • 2 tastings beer glasses (worth £9.90
  • Craft Beer Magazine (worth £5.00)
  • Artisan Snack (worth £2.50)
  • Craft Beer Textbook (worth £7.99)
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