What Wine With Lamb?

Lamb – Roast and grilled – the naturally sweet flavours of lamb are shown to their best when the meat is cooked very simply; natural partners are ripe, soft Spanish reds, with Rioja a classic pairing; well-made Claret or Bordeaux Petits Chateaux are another match made in heaven, with the flavours complimenting each other perfectly. With strong herbs, you can ramp up a notch to richer, spicier Spanish reds and also good Southern Italian reds; if the lamb is crusted with a citrus, fruity, or indian spiced crust, then move to juicier, fuller red, such as New World Merlot or Cabernet.

Braised lamb or lamb casseroles – these intensely flavoured dishes, especially if the lamb cut is lamb shanks, cry out for rich, spicy reds, with body and character; some of the best matches are ripe, powerful, yet soft Rhone wines, bold reds from Spain, and also Argentine Malbec and Chilean Cabernet.

Angela Mount

Angela Mount

Angela Mount is a wine expert, writer, and presenter, and is also responsible for the the range selection for online wine retailer YourFavouriteWines.com. She famously had her taste buds insured for £10million by her former employers Somerfield.

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