What Wine With Chicken?

Chicken is an extremely versatile and wine friendly bird – in fact it goes with pretty much anything – it’s what it’s stuffed with, smeared with, cooked with that determines which wine goes best. The same goes for turkey! Game is more specific and loves nothing more than a decent glass of Pinot Noir to accompany it! Here are a few ideas:

Simply roast chicken with herbs – a real classic, it’s buttery richness is perfect with white Burgundy, most Chardonnays, and soft, plump Pinot Noir.

Chicken casserole/coq au vin – for the former, opt for similar styles as for roast chicken; fresh, southern French Viognier would also work well. Coq au vin is altogether different, and often cooked in red wine – juicy reds such as light Burgundy or Beaujolais are good, as are New World Pinot Noir, young, fresh Cotes du Rhone, and juicy Spanish Garnacha.

Chicken kiev/fried chicken – you need some acidity and freshness to cope with the fat of the oil, so sharp, lively whites such as Sauvignon or Vermentino work well.

Asian or Indian spiced chicken – here we go back to the rule of choosing wines that will match the spiciness and heat of the dish; aromatic whites such as Riesling, Viognier and Sauvignon blanc, and juicy Roses are the best bet.

Chicken with a fruity sauce – this is where the lovely, vibrant Chenin blanc, with its intense apricot and quince works so well - there’s a host of great ones from South Africa.

Angela Mount

Angela Mount

Angela Mount is a wine expert, writer, and presenter, and is also responsible for the the range selection for online wine retailer YourFavouriteWines.com. She famously had her taste buds insured for £10million by her former employers Somerfield.

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