Pairing Wine With Beef

Roast beef and steak – a remarkably easy meat to match to wine, when cooked simply; Bordeaux is a classic, but these classic dishes work equally well with bold, fruity, spicy New World wines, such as Australian, South African, or Chilean Merlot, Cabernet and especially Shiraz. Of course, the other classic for steak would be Argentine Malbec.

Beef stew, steak pie, braised beef – these hearty dishes require full on, spicy, gutsy reds, with a savoury, herby tang; the best options are southern French reds, ranging from the Rhone, to Corbieres and Fitou; southern Italian ( Sicilian red would be great), punchy Spanish or Portuguese reds, and South African Shiraz.

Angela Mount

Angela Mount

Angela Mount is a wine expert, writer, and presenter, and is also responsible for the the range selection for online wine retailer She famously had her taste buds insured for £10million by her former employers Somerfield.

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