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Haven’t bought your advent calendar yet?

Looking for original advent calendar ideas? If you are bored with the usual chocolate calendars or think they are a bit childish for you now, then those three advent calendars might be of interest. Open the 24 little doors and get a new flavour of whisky or gin every day until Christmas! The whisky calendar even has a premium version. And if you still fancy some chocolate, why not having it as the accompaniment of your drink? These amazing treats will make you wish Christmas wasn't coming so fast.


The Ginvent Calendar

The Ginvent Calendar (2013 Edition) Gin from £99.95

Drinks by the Dram in partnership with Gin Foundry created this amazing advent calendar. It contains 24 3cl samples of market leaders and artisanal gin chosen by Olivier Ward.


The Whisky Advent Calendar

The Whisky Advent Calendar (2013 Edition) Blended Whisky from £149.95

Drinks by the Dram released its excellent Whisky Advent Calendar for the second year! With 24 3cl bottles of whisky from all over the world, you should get happier as December goes by.


The Premium Whisky Advent Calendar

The Premium Whisky Advent Calendar (2013 Edition) Blended Whisky from £249.95

It's the Whisky Advent Calendar but premium! Drinks by the Dram treat you well once again with 24 3cl bottles of premium whisky. Enjoy!

by Clotilde Delebarre, 19th November 2013

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Laithwaites Black Friday Offer