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Dhruv Bakers Favourite Wines for Food

Kuntsler Hochheimer Holle Reisling 2012

Kuntsler Hochheimer Holle Reisling 2012 - From £15.32

Decanter German Dry White over £15 Regional Trophy 2013

Riesling is one of my favourite styles of wine, and it suits my style of cooking perfectly. This is a fabulous wine, from a top, family-run estate in the Rheingau in Germany. It’s bone dry, but still very aromatic, with lots of lively citrus, floral, and gentle herb and spice character.

Decanter German Dry White over £15 Regional Trophy 2013

Wachau Achleiten Grüner Veltliner 2012

Wachau Achleiten Grüner Veltliner 2012 - From £17.32

Gruner Veltliner is a favourite of mine, and very fashionable right now. This one’s from its home country, Austria, and it has just the right amount of spice, black pepper, and sweet fruit to balance its lime-zest freshness, and dry finish. It’s all about layers and textures in this wine.

Yalumba Organics Viognier 2012

Yalumba Organics Viognier 2012 - From £7.82

There’s a lot of sweet spice in many of the dishes that I prepare and Viognier is a great match. This is from South Australia, and has a real fresh peach and apricot fruit and spice note to it – aromatic, yet bone dry, but with loads of character.

Paul Cluver Gewurztraminer

Paul Kluver Gerwurtztraminer 2012 - From £10.06

Decanter Regional Trophy 2013

Gewurztraminer is one of the very best matches with spicy, and also chilli-infused food; on its own, it’s rich, perfumed, and off dry, and quite intense, but put it with a plate of food full of textured spices and it comes into its own. This one’s from South Africa and is full of bold, lychee, rose petal, honey and fresh lime flavours, and is a perfect foil to powerful, punchy dishes.

Decanter South African Single-Varietal White under £15 Regional Trophy 2013

Decanter International - Dry Aromatic under £15 2013

Vina Taboexa Albariño 2012

Vina Taboexa Albariño 2012 - From £8.82

Albarinho is another grape variety with enough character to stand up to the various styles of spices I use. This has lots of warm, ripe peach, grapefruit and fresh herb character, and would be good with seafood dishes.

LF Edwards Chardonnay Muscat Viognier  2012

Luis Felipe Edwards Chardonnay Muscat Viognier 2012 - From £4.81

Apart from being fantastic value, this wine is a real pot pourri of spice, and rich, perfumed fruit; its ripe, grapey, almost lychee and mandarin aromas and flavours would definitely cope not only with spices, but with the heat of chilli too.

Coquille d’Oc Rose 2012

Coquille d’Oc Rose 2012 - From £6.06

I’ve worked with lots of wine experts at my shows, and I’ve learnt that pink wines are great with full- on flavours and spice. There’s a natural fruitiness and juiciness which has enough character to cope, and this is a delicious example, made by an English couple in the South of France.

Vignetti Massa Sentieri Barbera 2012

Vignetti Massa Sentieri Barbera 2012 - From £10.32

Elegant, yet very fruity, softer styles of red work with the dishes I love to cook. This one, from northern Italy is full of sweet plum and cherry fruit, lighter in style than many, and with a warm, low tannin style.

Ravenswood Vintners Blend Zinfandel

Ravenswood Vintners Blend Zinfandel - From £8.49

IWSC Silver 2013

This is such a rich, soft, velvety style of red from California, with heaps of smooth, dark fruit, and ripe mocha edges – it’s natural sweetness, and silky style make it a natural match for my type of cooking.

IWSC Silver Medal 2013

Waitrose St Hallett Barossa Shiraz

Waitrose St Hallett Barossa Shiraz - From £10.32

Sometimes you just need a big, bold, full-on spicy Shiraz, full of its own sweet spices, to partner some classic, spicy, red meat dishes. This ticks all the boxes, with its big, bold, black pepper and cardamom character, and very full, intense flavours.

*This article is showing the prices and stock available on 28/02/2014.

by Dhruv Baker, 28th February 2014

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Dhruv Baker

Dhruv Baker

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