Martinborough And Wairarapa

The region known as Wairarapa, but increasingly, these days, as Martinborough, after the main town in the area, is located at the very south west tip of the North Island., about one hour from the capital, Wellington.

Martinborough And Wairarapa

Unlike many of the more exposed areas of the North Island, this area is protected by mountains to the south west, west and north east, and although the climate is still relatively cool, and similar to Marlborough,the rainfall is low, and the gravel and silt soils lend themselves to the very highest quality production of Pinot Noir, making the area, almost Burgundian in style. Martinborough became famous for its fleshy, rich, plummy and complex styles of Pinot Noir in 1975, before the now fashionable Pinot Noir area of Central Otago was discovered. The region is also producing high quality Sauvignon blanc and Chardonnay.

It may be small in comparison to other regions in terms of production, lying 6th in the scale of production, but it is very high on the list in terms of quality and reputation. Wineries in the Waipara region have doubled to a total of 54, since 1995.

Key wineries in the area, include Palliser, Te Kairanga, and Ata Rangi, now internationally famous for Pinot Noir.

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