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Coca Cola Diet Coke
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Crosta & Mollica Fennel Seed Tarallini 40g
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ASDA Grower's Selection Rosemary
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R Whites - Lemonade
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George Home Large Wine Glass
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George Home Champagne Flute
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George Home Mixer Glass
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Morrisons No Added Sugar Sparkling Peach Spri...
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London Essence Spiced Ginger Beer
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Schweppes - Slimline Tonic Water
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Schweppes - Indian Tonic Water
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Case price from: £14.02
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Schweppes 1783 Cucumber Tonic Water
Case price from: £0.59
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Best Restaurant Meal Kits: Voted by you!

The results are in: Favourite restaurant meal kits to enjoy at home – as voted by you!

Restokit Meal Delivery

During the last 12 months, with more and more time spent in our homes, there were only so many ways to add a bit of excitement to weekends and special occasions held in ‘lock down’.

In response to this, and with businesses which were potentially going to be badly affected, the hospitality industry quite literally transformed itself. Restaurants that had never previously operated on a ‘take away’ basis, were suddenly delivering to customers locally. Some took it one step further, teaming up with Nationwide couriers to send their fantastic food all over the UK.

These restaurant meal kits, for want of a snappier phrase, gave people a chance to enjoy their favourite meals in the comfort of home. Many restaurants sent out the food in its raw ingredients, allowing customers to finish the cooking at home. This made meal times more interactive and allowed to food to be served hot and fresh!

We saw people all over the UK enjoying these meal kits, and we knew that our customers would likely enjoy them too. That’s why we teamed up with Restokit to provide all of our members with a Restokit voucher for 10% off any of their fantastic selection. This included Jose Pizarro, Gymkhana, Petersham Nurseries, Farmacy to name just a few! Not only that, we wanted to give a special shoutout to those meal kits that consumers particularly enjoyed. So, we launched a survey asking for ratings on the whole experience including:

  • Delivery
  • Packaging
  • Quality of Ingredients
  • Instructions and ease of preparation
  • Taste

Over 2,000 of you responded! We are absolutely thrilled now to be able to share the results with you. Did your favourite win an accolade?


Winner: Home by Nico

Runner up: Patty & Bun

About Home by Nico: “Home by Nico was a great substitute for not being able to visit their Edinburgh restaurant. The packaging, the presentation, the quality of the food and wine. Easy to follow instructions. Superb.”


Winner: Dishoom

Runner up: Home by Nico

About Dishoom: “Dishoom bacon naan kit! What a delight! The delivery was really great. I loved that the product was packed using mostly recyclable products. Specifically the wool insulation. A lovely touch and super in keeping with Dishoom brand. The cute labels on the pots were a lovely touch and were really reminiscent of the full dishoom experience I’ve missed so much!”

Quality of Ingredients

Winner: Blacklock Chops

Runner up: Jose Pizarro

Instructions and ease of preparation

Winner: Blacklock Chops

Runner up: Patty & Bun


Winner: Blacklock Chops

Runner up: Dishoom

About Blacklock Chops: “This is the next best thing to being at Blacklock. Simple to order and the delivery came quickly. The presentation and thought given to the box was a real treat. Tips and advice on how to cook made the food very special and it was almost as good as being at the restaurant.”

Overall experience

Winner: Pizza Pilgrims

Runner up: Blacklock Chops

About Pizza Pilgrims: “love it, well packed, great instructions too to get you started, the quality of the ingredients amazing too, so delicious, easy to follow and make, really fun too great overall experience would pay again”

What is a Restaurant Meal Kit?

Put simply, restaurant meal kits provide you with pre-prepared ingredients and cooking instructions, so that you can recreate some of your favourite restaurant dishes at home.

This may simply be a case of heating up a chilled or frozen dish, which arrives completed OR you may be required to cook some/all of the ingredients.

In almost all cases, the food is delivered to you via a courier, in refrigerated conditions to ensure freshness. Many Meal Kits are now being delivered Nationwide, so no matter where you are in the UK, chances are you can enjoy the dishes from your favourite restaurants!

Why are Restaurant Meal Kits so popular right now?

2020 started the Boom in Finish at Home restaurant meal kits - and we are here for it! Not only has this movement provided valuable income for struggling restaurants during the COVID-19 crisis, it has also allowed people to experience fine dining in the comfort of their own homes.

With the increasing option of Nationwide delivery, you no longer have to travel to your favourite resaurant - instead, it travels to you!

Many meal kits are 'finish at home', meaning that when they are delivered, you get to become the chef! Finishing and preparing the meal, hot and fresh - as it would be in a restaurant. Hence why there has been such huge interest.

Are there any offers or vouchers available to use with Restaurant Meal Kits?

We're pleased to be working with a number of exciting meal kit providers, and in some cases you can use our exclusive discount codes to save up to 10% on your order.

See our Restaurant Meal Kit Vouchers

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