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The Wine & Spirit Education Trust

The WSET exists to promote, provide and develop high quality education and sought-after qualifications in wines and spirits for those in the wine and spirit trade (or intending to join it) as well as for the interested consumer.

We design courses, produce teaching and learning materials, set examinations and operate through a network of Approved Programme Providers (APPs) around the world. There are both classroom-based courses and online distance learning options to choose from.

WSET Qualifications

WSET Qualifications

WSET Wine Course UK

The Wine & Spirit Education Trust offers a varied range of courses with different levels to suit professionals as well as beginners.

Level 1 Award in Wines (QCF)
Perfect for people who want to learn more about wine, this 1 day course provides basic wine knowledge as well as food and wine matching.

Level 1 Award in Wine Service
A one day course providing an introduction to front line staff wishing to gain basic wine service skills.

Level 1 Award in Spirits (QCF)
This 1 day course introduces basic product knowledge as well as marketing and service skills around spirits. It's perfect for people who need preparation for a job in hospitality or spirit industry, as well as spirit lovers.

Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits (QCF)
This course focuses on the study of the major grape varieties and how to taste wine professionally, giving an excellent all-round product knowledge.

Level 2 Award in Spirits (QCF)
This course is all about spirits and liqueurs, covering the history, production and styles of principal products.

Level 3 Award in Wines and Spirits (QCF)
Following the level 2, this course provides a more detailed analysis of wines and spirits and focuses on tasting techniques.

Level 4 Diploma in Wines and Spirits
This qualification is designed for people who are looking for senior positions in the wine and spirit industry. It aims to develop a specialist knowledge about the business as well as the product evaluation.

WSET - Where to study?

WSET - Where to study?

WSET Wine Tasting Course

The Wine & Spirit Education Trust works with over 550 Approved Programme Providers based in more than 60 countries around the world. These APPs are third-party teaching and examination centres approved by the WSET. They are consistently reviewed to check that they continue to meet the WSET quality criteria. Check the WSET website to find an APP near your home.

The WSET has a main school based in London, near London Bridge. They offer classroom courses, online courses as well as evening tastings for interested customers who are not seeking additional qualifications.

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