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Biodynamic Wines

Biodynamic wines are amongst the wackiest of all when it comes to winemaking. Essentially, the thought process is based on the lunar cycle and pagan-esque beliefs which are put into practice in the vineyard and winery. It uses organic practices and incorporates cosmology and philosophy. The vineyard is seen as a living, breathing interconnected system with the Earth, planets and space, where grape growers sway from traditional measures by undertaking pivotal moments in the vineyard, such as harvest, to coincide with planetary cycles. They also use homeopathic remedies to treat the vines, discourage pests and increase fertility. Some interesting examples include filling cow horns with manure and burying it over winter in the vineyard. They are dug up in the Spring, the manure is 'dynamised' where it is stirred into water, then the stirring motion is reversed. The water is believed to memorise the power of this action which then goes on to benefit the vineyard through compost after the mixture has been sprayed. Perhaps the method isn't for everyone, but the wines are more than up to standard and better than conventional ones in many cases. You can also get some rather different, almost farm-like characteristics to biodynamic wines, and whilst that isn't instantly appealing, the great Burgunides are renowned to smell like excrement too.

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Biodynamic wines

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Paxton Biodynamic Single Vineyard Jones Block...
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Reyneke Biodynamic Syrah
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Paxton Biodynamic McLaren Vale Shiraz
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