Laithwaites 4 for £24
Laithwaites 4 for £24
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The Vinorium, Passionate About Wines

The Vinorium

The Vinorium is an Independent Wine Merchant with an appetite for innovative experiences. They are not profit-margin-chasers; they price all wines at their true value. Ferociously independent, The Vinorium only stock what they believe the customers should be buying. Focused on delivering outstanding value for money, their range is vast and varied with an excess of 10,000 bottles available for you to enjoy. Simply put, they are passionate about sharing all their great wines.

What makes The Vinorium different? They offer incredible prices to their customers thanks to the buying power of Z&B Vintners (Owners of The Vinorium). Z&B buys directly from the great Chateaux of Bordeaux and Vineyards across the word, building a strong and long-lasting relationship. The Vinorium is therefore a true specialist, when it comes to Bordeaux and New World wines. Did you know they are the only UK merchant stocking the full range from world famous Champagne House Billecart-Salmon?

Although being an indisputable wine specialist, there is no pretentious nonsense - if you know nothing about wine, they are there to give you advice. Honest and accessible – this is what we absolutely love about the Vinorium. They will invite you to their modern warehouse with a stylish mezzanine, where you can explore some of their amazing wines. There are no expectations for you to know the appellation or grape variety of what you are tasting, but let me tell you – they know how to find a wine you will love.

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The Vinorium Introductory Offers

The Vinorium’s wine collection encompasses some of the most recognised and greatest wines in the world. They have prepared four fantastic offers created specifically with you in mind – It’s a beautiful introduction to some of their hidden gems and truly worth seeking out...

The Classics

The Classics @ £38.50 (Usual Price £50.00)

  • 1 x Btl 2007 Meursault Domaine Michel Buisson-Charles “Les Tessons”
  • 1 x Btl 2010 Château Montlabert

This duo represents two of the most prestigious wine growing regions in the world, Bordeaux and Burgundy. The sensationally mature ’07 Meursault offers a wonderful sense of refreshment, energy, and lift; characteristic of the best wines of this vintage. Château Montlabert is everything you would expect from a Grand Cru St Émilion with 2010 being one of the greatest vintages in living history.

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The Mature

The Mature Australian Red @ £45.00 (Usual Price £58.00)

  • 1 x Btl 2002 Fox Creek Reserve Shiraz
  • 1 x Btl 2004 Penny’s Hill Shiraz
  • 1 x Btl 2004 Henry’s Drive Reserve Shiraz

We would run out of superlatives if we had to describe this trio, so let us make it simple. These are profound and offer incredible value for money.

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Iconic Sauv Blanc

Iconic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc @ £31.00 (Usual Price £44.00)

  • 1 x Btl 2013 Greywacke
  • 1 x Btl 2014 Dog Point

The wines of Dog Point and Greywacke originate from the experienced and stellar hands of ex-Cloudy Bay magicians Ivan Sutherland, James Healy and Kevin Judd. Never dull, always impressive, Dog Point and Greywacke wines personify a real benchmark in outstanding winemaking in Marlborough.

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The Historical Offering

The Historical Offering @ £32.00 (Usual Price @ £40.00)

  • 1 x Btl 1928 Maury Solera Cask 828
  • 1 x Btl 1928 Maury Solera Cask 908

With wines dating back to 1928, this is a truly historical offering. This is a rare opportunity to buy mature wines at everyday prices. Owing to the wine making process the result is a fortified wine with Cask 828 being akin to a Madeira style wine and cask 908 giving nuances of Port.

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Updated 23rd February 2015

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Laithwaites 4 for £24