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Advent Calendar 2023 by Wine52

Wine52 Advent Calendar 2023

Wine52 Advent Calendar 2023

With Christmas on the way, life's little treats should be firmly on your mind. So, why not upgrade your December build up with a mini bottle of wine everyday!

Advent Calendar demand has soared in recent years and we think this will sell out quickly so we'd suggest getting your hands on these fast, either as a pre-Christmas gift or a treat for yourself. Enjoy a mixed calendar with white, red, rose and sparkling wines ranging from Macedonia and Hungary to Puglia and Chile.

This gives you a great chance to experience the quality of winemaking from some lesser known regions as well as tried and tested classics. Wine52's Calendar definitely goes all out on the diversity front making each morning genuinely exciting!

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If you aren't yet in Christmas mode, then check out their Wines of the World case below

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Wine52 showcases Italy’s Abruzzo region
Abruzzo lies in the centre of Italy along the Adriatic Sea. Depending on where you plant your grapes, you can experience two very different climates. On the slopes by the Apennines you can experience warm but short summers and frequent snow in Winter whilst on the coast the weather is generally very warm and Mediterranean most of the year. It is a region best known for Montepulciano which dominates the vineyards. It is also known for fairly high-volume production, particularly on the warmer…
Wine52 Discovers Dão
Wine52 have been on quite the quest to explore Portuguese regions recently, with Tejo and Alentejo cases now behind us. With Portuguese Wine potentially set to trend in the 2024 market too, you can see that Wine52 are ahead of the game. Located inland a little way off from Porto, Dão is surrounded by mountains which cuts off both the cold, wet ocean influence and the warmer conditions from the East. One of the most interesting things about Dão wines is that the dominating eucalyptus forests are…
Wine52 goes to Chile
Skirting away from Hungary and moving to the South American continent, Wine52 are taking us on another World tour, this time in Chile. Specifically, this case focuses on the Maule Valley which lies towards the cooler, Southern end of Chile’s main wine regions. As a result, you can expect some good acidity in these wines. This region was, and still is a high-volume wine region, but has been garnering a recent reputation for quality. Trust Wine52 to scout the hottest spots! One practice here that…
Wine52 Advent Calendar 2023
Alcohol filled Advent Calendars are very much a staple of my Christmas these days and indeed across many homes looking for that extra morning treat, although I don’t drink it in the morning of course. I usually find I save the goodies till well into the new Year. But, aside from that, these kind of Calendars are here to stay and Wine52 have a cracker – pardon the pun. The most significant thing about this Calendar is the explorative side of it. Steering well clear of many standard wines, these…
Join the club - Tidbits of Wine52
Rather than focussing on a specific case, I thought I’d mention some favourites from cases that Wine52 have offered over the last few months. From classic regions such as the Rhone to Portugal’s Alentejo and Hungary’s Balaton, the cases have been exciting and adventurous. Hailing from Chile’s Rapel Valley, home to the Cachapoal and Colchagua rivers, it’s a region with many meso-climates due to the nature of the hills and mountains. I’d say this Pinot Grigio displays evidence of coming from the…
Wine52 Explores the Balaton
The latest case from Wine52 takes us to Hungary’s Lake Balaton, a huge lake central to Hungarian holidaymaking and life. The Balaton is a passion for all Hungarians, much loved and renowned for companionship, fun and of course wine. The region is surrounded by vineyards, a mixture of larger producers and family-owned plots which rarely make it outside of Hungary. And after tasting this case, who can blame them for keeping it all? You will likely know Hungarian wine for one event a year…
Wine52 Explores Tejo
Wine52’s latest case stars wines from the Portuguese region of Tejo, named after the river which divides the region. Tejo has had a negative reputation up until recently, mainly with large producers selling mass market wines destined for forgetful styles which serviced the demand for nearby Lisbon. However, it has come onto the wine scene with renewed vigour since a replanting programme began with a focus on quality grapes and newer varieties to take advantage of the varying soils and conditions…
Explore Alentejo with Wine52
By Master of Wine, Christopher Burr 18/03/2023 Wine 52, seems to be getting better and better, and on a number of fronts. Firstly, this month's wine selection from Portugal's Alentejo region is a first rate selection of what this region can now do. More of that later. But also their little snacks are a real palate teaser, different, spicy, but not to overpower any wine, and a bit of a bonus. But their magazine, Glug, is really well worth a read for anyone interested in wine. This month is the…
Wine52 explores Bulgaria
By Master of Wine, Christopher Burr 26/02/2023 Wine 52's latest pack is from Bulgaria. Eastern Europe is seeing a phenomenal revival of its wine Industry since perestroika. Outside investment, and a genuine desire to revive its indigenous and historic grape varieties and use modern wine making techniques, plus a desire to make less wine and therefore of quality, rather than just bulk plonk. We remember the days in the 1970's and 80's of the gutsy wine Bulls Blood, named after the blood they…
Wine52's Latest Case from Sicily
By Master of Wine, Christopher Burr 29/11/2022 The latest three bottle pack from Wine52, comes with an excellent booklet explaining the interesting wines from Sicily, plus the usual tasty nibbles. There is a Syrah, the Rhone varietal grape, which has spread to Australia (as Shiraz) and most other warmer wine growing places around the World. It has a very creative label of a wolf's face and mouth and is called In Bocca al Lupo, which is Italian slang for "good luck". This is a good round fruity…
Wine52 explores the Rhone!
By Master of Wine, Christopher Burr 15/08/2022 After an auspicious start with their wine selections from Portugal and Spain, expectations are high for where they might find other goodies. The Rhone has always been one of the best places in otherwise expensive France to find great value, with lots of interesting wines to match with great regional gastronomy. There were one white Rhone and two reds. The white called "Glou Glou" was a white Ventoux from the southern Rhone, a blend of Claireitte…
A tour through the Heel of Italy with Wine52
By Master of Wine, Christopher Burr 20/06/2022 Puglia, the region which forms the "heel" of the "boot"of Italy, is right down in the South on the east coast and the Adriatic Sea, coast opposite Albania and the Greek Island of Corfu. It is a beautiful, unspoilt and historic area, with wines being made there by the Greeks and Romans for thousands of years. Cooled by the coastal breezes, there are also some historic grape varieties, found by winemakers and drinkers over the centuries to make the…
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