Laithwaites buy 6 save 30%
Laithwaites buy 6 save 30%
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Coravin Voucher May 2024

Save 10% on the Coravin Timeless 3+ with our exclusive Coravin Voucher

Save 10% on the Coravin Timeless 3+

Save 10% Now on the Coravin Timeless 3+

EXCLUSIVE: 10% Voucher on the Coravin Timeless 3+ in time for Christmas!

Coravin is a revolutionary wine preservation system, which simply allows you to enjoy a fresh glass of wine, whilst saving the rest of the bottle.

Forget your traditional bottle stoppers, which keep most wines fresh once opened for a week at most - coravin is able to preserve even your finest wines for up to 2 years!

How? Well the ultimate technology is in 'the needle'. The patented Coravin non-corning needle, pierces the traditional cork without displacing any material. When the needle is removed, the cork simply expands back to its normal size.

The most elegant way of putting it comes directly from Coravins website:

"As wine is extracted through the Needle, it is replaced with pure Argon gas, ensuring oxygen never touches the remaining wine, keeping it as fresh as the day it was bottled."

So, from your weekday glass to your celebratory bottle - there will never be a drop wasted thanks to Coravin!

This would make the PERFECT gift for the wine lover in your life, and thanks to our relationship with Coravin, we've managed to get our hands on an EXCLUSIVE 10% discount on their popular Timeless 3+ model. Simply reveal the voucher from our voucher table above and apply it on the Coravin website.


Laithwaites buy 6 save 30%