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Wedding & Wine: The Favours

Wedding Wines

In my last article I covered the major events of the day (Reception, Meal and Toast), however there is one other important aspect of the day to weave in here, which is of course (if the title wasn’t obvious enough) the wedding favours.

Wedding favours are one of those things which seem difficult to decide on and you sometimes wonder if they are even worth it - I’ve seen more than one wedding where the favours are simply left by the grateful guests at the end. One favour you can guarantee will be all gone by the end is a little bottle of something special. Even if the intended person isn’t drinking, due to driving or something else, they are easy to take home and save for another time or equally easy to give to a friend on the night who may be indulging that bit more.

I’ve put together a couple of ideas and places to go for your wedding favours alongside some discount vouchers which can be handy for getting bulk for your wedding. Happy browsing.

Laithwaites Minis

Laithwaites have a good selection of their very best wines in miniatures here . You’ve got easy drinking reds and whites, even the very bestseller in their entire range Cabalie (Just read the reviews) and a Prosecco. All these wines are brilliant crowd pleasers and will make almost everyone happy (there’s always one...).

Just make sure you use our vouchers to get them in bulk at a bargain with some for as little as £1.12 per bottle! New customers only.

Use our Vouchers >

VIP Bottles

If you are into your spirits, VIP Bottles are one place I’d definitely look for minis. From Jack Daniels and Gordon’s Pink to more premium Grey Goose Vodka and Patron Tequila.

You’ll even find funky flavours or themes which could fit into your wedding colour scheme. Take Smirnoff Strawberry or Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger Gin to add some flare and interest to the tables

The best way to find these is to simply head to their all Spirits page, filter by the size you fancy and find the best mini selection of spirits there is.

Shop VIP Bottles Minis >

Master of Malt: Samples & Miniatures

Master of Malt are appropriately named, mastering an exquisite selection of spirits and with plenty of samples to get your hands on some of the most expensive drinks in the world at a slightly more pocket friendly price. These guys are ideal if you are looking to provide a fun selection of different drams, spiced rums and flavoured gins. You can even throw in a Calvados or two for the Grandparents.

Shop Master of Malt Minis >

Wedding Drams



Supermarkets of course have a great selection too. The best you can order online from is probably Sainsbury’s who have plenty of options to tick every box. Their “House” range is good value at around £2.20 per bottle or you can look for some familiar brands such as Trivento and Yellow Tail for a little more (Circa £2.75+). As I look there are 29 to pick from. It’s worth saying we also have a voucher for Sainsbury’s if you’re a first time shopper too to save even more per bottle.

Shop Sainsbury’s Minis >


Tesco have over 40 items to choose from with a selection similar to Sainsbury’s in truth. They often have a “4 for 3” offer on a selection of these which is worth coinciding with if you can.

Shop Tesco Minis >


Morrisons is the other one worth having a look into. Again, a relatively similar selection but it can never hurt shopping around for the best price, especially these days!

Shop Morrisons Minis >

Whoever you decide to go with, there are plenty of options on the market to suit a range of budgets. I just hope that your venue allows you to treat your guests to a small bottle of wine or whisky!

Updated 25th March 2024

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David Andrews, DipWSET

David Andrews, DipWSET

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