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Celebrate The Chocolate Week With Wine & Spirits

This week (13-19 October) is dedicated to chocolate in the UK with a lot of events including the Chocolate Show in London. We thought it would be great to feature the best wines and spirits to match with chocolate. Whether they are chocolate flavoured or they go very well with chocolate, we have selected a few wines, spirits and gift sets to enjoy this week with indulgent treats!

Chocolate block

The Chocolate Block

From £19.99

South Africa, Western Cape, 2012

Our expert, Angela Mount, loves it! As its name suggests, it displays aromas of dark chocolate and mocha which makes it an intense and rich red wine.

Rubis Chocolate Wine

Rubis Chocolate Wine

From £9.68


Chocolate flavoured wine! This fortified wine from Spain is made with Tempranillo grapes and infused with chocolate essence. In two words: nom nom!

Waitrose Seriously Plummy Maury

Waitrose Seriously Plummy Maury

From £10.99

France, Southern France

Another wine recommended by Angela Mount. This is a dessert wine which has a close taste to Christmas pudding and goes very well with chocolate! A fabulous sweet treat!

Baileys Chocolate Luxe

Baileys Chocolat Luxe

From £15.00


Baileys Irish cream liqueur with 30g of Belgian chocolate. This liqueur made from Irish whiskey will please the original Baileys fans as well as chocolate lovers.

Mozart Trio

Mozart Trio Mini Pack

From £11.95



  • 1x Mozart White Chocolate Cream Liqueur, 10cl
  • 1x Mozart Gold Chocolate Cream Liqueur, 10cl
  • 1x Mozart Black Chocolate Pure 87 Cream Liqueur, 10cl

Three miniature bottles with the award-winning chocolate liqueurs. Mozart, that's a great name for it as the company can definitely be qualified as the Mozart of chocolate liqueurs! The perfect gift for chocolate lovers.

White Wine Swiss Truffles

White Wine and Swiss Truffles

From £20.00

Italy, Sicily


  • 1x La Vita Pinot Grigio
  • 1x Box of Swiss twist wrap truffles

A great match between a crisp Italian Pinot Grigio and fabulous Swiss chocolate truffles. A European treat to be enjoyed or given as a nice present.

Pink Champagne Truffles

Pink Champagne & Truffles Gift Set

From £39.00

France, Champagne


  • 1x Alexandre Bonnet Rosé Brut NV
  • 1x dark chocolate truffles, 160g

We couldn't write an article about wine and chocolate without some Champagne and truffles! The perfect combination, the Champagne rose and chocolate truffles are an indulgent treat.

Bordeaux and Chocolates

Bordeaux & Chocolates

From £25.00

France, Bordeaux


  • 1x M&S Bordeaux red
  • 1x Belgian favourites selection

This spicy Bordeaux will deliciously match the assortment of Belgian chocolates. The wonders of France and Belgium put together in an amazing gift set.

*This article is currently showing the prices and stock available on 14/10/2014.

by Clotilde Delebarre, 14th October 2014

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