Laithwaites 4 for £24
Laithwaites 4 for £24
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About Dortmunder Beer

Also called Dortmunder Export, this style of beer was developed in 19th century in Dortmund, Germany. It quickly became the favourite among industrial workers in the Ruhr District, mostly miners and steel manufacturers.

This type of beer is often described as well-balanced between hop bitterness and malty sweetness. It is defined as pale-but-darker-than-Pilsner, with noble hop aroma, delicate malty notes, crisp carbonation and mineral tones obtained from highly sulphured water from the Dortmund area. Alcohol content varies between 5-6%. Apart from its native Germany, Dortmunder Export is also brewed in Denmark, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Canada, Sweden and the USA.

Laithwaites 4 for £24