Christopher Burr, MW

Chris Burr MW
  • Previous International Head and Director of Wine at Christies Auction House.
  • One of only 380 MW’s from 30 countries worldwide.
  • Has worked extensively with the FBI in New York and Interpol in Europe to combat the production of counterfeit rare bottles.

Christopher has been involved in the wine business for over 45 years, and his interest started even as a school boy and student. In the 1970’s whilst living in Margaux and working for Alexis Lichine, he developed his knowledge of vineyard management, winemaking and the commerce of wine. He subsequently worked with many great producers importing, marketing and selling their wine.

Christopher passed the rigorous, highly demanding and prestigious Master of Wine exams in 1995 at the first attempt, winning the Villa Maria Prize for his papers on Viticulture.

Before establishing his own wine advisory business he was the International Head and Director of Wine at Christies Auction House, and led many seminal tastings and sales of great collectables during the late 1990s.

Christopher very much believes that wine should be part of every civilised way of life, not pretentious or “geeky” but to be shared with friends and with good food.

by Christopher Burr, MW, 18th November 2020

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Christopher Burr
Is the Tesco's Finest Range some of the best value in the high street?
By Master of Wine, Christopher Burr 25/08/2021 There are some twenty plus “The Finest” range of wines at Tesco’s. A brave claim from them, for what is essentially an own label. You may remember the own labels of old, very plain packaging, very “ordinary” products, and probably the cheapest you could find on the shelves! But I am delighted to say that scenario has very materially changed in recent years. Tesco’s can use it’s very substantial buying power to find some very well made interesting…
Christopher Burr
The glories of Greek Wine
By Master of Wine, Christopher Burr 02/08/2021 Many visitors to Greece, the islands, and even Cyprus a few years ago would remember the most served wine was an historic wine, Retsina. A basic white wine infused at the time of fermenting with pine resin, which is a preservative. To be honest the wines were pretty ordinary, although nowadays with modern wine making Retsina still exists and if well chilled and if you happen to be sitting by an Hellenic sea shore, and even with some of the more…
Christopher Burr
Is this the moment for Champagne?
By Master of Wine, Christopher Burr 12/07/2021 For some there is always a good moment for a glass of Champagne! Indeed the renowned late Lilly Bollinger was famous for saying: “I drink Champagne when I’m happy and when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I’m alone. When I have company I considered it obligatory. I trifle with it if I’m not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise I never touch it, unless I’m thirsty.” I can think of a few reasons to celebrate, be it grand sporting events…
Christopher Burr
Why we should be very proud of British Wine
By Master of Wine, Christopher Burr 30/06/2021 I have to admit a vested interest, as I am an immense fan of what is happening to the wine growing industry in this country, and I have planted vineyards and made sparkling wine here. Brexit and politics aside, it is true to say that the growth of English and Welsh Wine production is hugely exciting. I call it British Wine as there are now 176 vineyards in Wales, so whilst there are 600 vineyards in England, it would be wrong to call our countries…
Christopher Burr
Why Waitrose own label wines are such good value
By Master of Wine, Christopher Burr 14/06/2021 Waitrose have two Own Label Ranges, ‘No.1’ and ‘Blueprint’. The No. 1 range is a more ‘up market’ selection of sixteen wines, where the wine buyers have collaborated with some good producers to create an exclusive range. The No. 1 range applies in Waitrose to most sections of the store, not just wines. I know most of the producers that Waitrose have partnered with over their No. 1 wine range, indeed I have worked with some of them, Joseph Drouhin in…
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