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IWSC Bronze 2016
ASDA Extra Special Douro
Case price: £5.78
Per bottle: £5.78
Tesco Ruby Port 75cl
Case price: £40.50
Per bottle: £6.75
Waitrose Ruby Port
Case price: £7.49
Per bottle: £7.49
Voucher price from £6.74
Save 35%
IWSC Silver 2016
Cockburn's Special Reserve Port
Case price: £8.00
Per bottle: £8.00
Voucher price from £7.20
Tesco Special Reserve Port 75cl
Case price: £49.20
Per bottle: £8.20
Waitrose Tawny Port
Case price: £8.49
Per bottle: £8.49
Voucher price from £7.64
Tesco White Port 75cl
Case price: £51.00
Per bottle: £8.50
Vega Tinto
Case price: £8.99
Per bottle: £8.99
IWSC Bronze 2016
Altano Douro White
Case price: £9.91
Per bottle: £9.91
Cockburn's Fine Ruby Port 75cl
Case price: £60.00
Per bottle: £10.00
Cockburns Fine Ruby
Case price: £10.00
Per bottle: £10.00
At a glance
Region Douro
Brand Cockburn's
Category Wine
Fortified Various
Our best prices:
IWSC Silver 2016
Altano Organic Douro Red
Case price: £10.99
Per bottle: £10.05
Voucher price from £9.89
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About Douro Wines

One of the most majestic wine regions in the world, and home to one of the 2 most famous and world class fortified wines, Port. It’s a wild, rugged land, still relatively remote, despite improved road connections and hotels over recent years, and a place of simply staggering beauty. The steep, terraced vineyards, clinging to the sheer, schist and slate soils, rise imperiously above the river Douro, which begins its journey as the Spanish river Duero.

View on Douro Vineyard hills with a lake in the center

Traditionally, and still, the home of Port, it is only in relatively recent years, that the Douro region has come to prominence for the production of some very serious, top notch table wines, largely based on the same grape varieties used in Port production, Touriga Nacional, Touriga Francisca, Tinta Roriz and also some influence from Cabernet Sauvignon and other international grape varieties.

The Douro region is naturally split into 3 areas, the upper, the middle and the lower Douro. The middle Douro (Cima Corgo) based around the town of Pinhao, is where the majority of the Port production is based, with this part of the Douro producing over half the total wine production. This is where the iconic Port estates, or quintas, are housed, nestled in the splendid isolation and peace of the vineyards.

The lower Douro (Baixa Corgo) has traditionally produced most of the table wine, on the lower, easier to reach slopes, however more wine is now being produced on the steep slopes of the middle Douro and also the upper Douro, wines that are more premium partly because of the difficult nature of growing and harvesting the grapes. In recent years, there has been much development in the hard, high, remote area of the Douro Superior, with pioneers, planting vineyards that would not have been there 10 years ago. It’s an area that is relatively undiscovered, only accounts for 20% of the Douro land, hard to get to, and a struggle to work, in terms of vineyards – but the low yields, and the stressed vines, make for some superb, intense, complex reds.