Laithwaites London Live Tasting

Top 10 Wines from the 2016 Laithwaite's LIVE Tasting

On 4th and 5th November, Londoners had a chance to take part in Laithwaite’s Wine Live 2016, one of numerous wine related events organised by this merchant every year. Those lucky enough to be at The Lindley Hall in Westminster could revive their taste buds with over 90 Old and New World wines, bubbly and fortified, plus some spirits and food delicacies. Anyone who has been there would probably agree that the abundance of choice and the presence of huge crowds could make one feel dizzy without a single sip!

Fortunately for all of you who did not share the festival experience, we took on the most arduous part of selecting and describing wines we loved most. So here comes the Big Ten, crème de la crème, our personal Laithwaite’s favourites. We dare say that in all probability you will not be disappointed.

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Fili Prosecco
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Fili Prosecco NV, Italy - Now £10.99 at Laithwaite's

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This classic elegant bottle raises expectations of excellent contents and we can only confirm that it keeps a promise! Refreshing and soft, delicate and bubbly, Fili from Sacchetto brothers has an unassuming charm which will cater to most demanding of tastes. Mellow aromas of fresh pears, white flowers and biscuity aftertaste, accentuated with gentle, yet persistent fizz - this is a perfect drink for any occasion, whether served as an aperitif, combined with a light meal or on its own. We highly recommend giving it a try.

Wyfold Vineyard 2011
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Wyfold Vineyard 2011, Oxfordshire, England - Now £29.99 at Laithwaite's

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Those of you who have no experience with English wines could definitely start your adventure from this superb wine! Its quality is so good that the jury from "Battle of the Bubbles 2015" in New Zealand (sic!) hailed it a number one. Refreshing and creamy in taste, with aromas of freshly harvested grapes and pleasantly mineral notes, it vibrates in your mouth long after it's gone, thanks to persistent sparkles. This wine will definitely sharpen and revive your senses.

Baron de Barbon Rioja
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Baron de Barbon Rioja 2014, Rioja, Spain - Now £8.99 at Laithwaite's

Special Price: £7.19 when you mix 6 bottles or more

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If you are looking for a perfect wine to accompany heavier Autumn and Winter dinners with friends, of just simply warm up in quiet with a glass of wine, this Rioja will do the trick! It is woody, velvety and mushroomy with a warm, almost brown red colour to delight the eye. Much pleasure, top quality and what a fantastic price! Olé!

Prince de Courthezon Cotes du Rhone
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Le Prince de Courthezon 2015, Cotes du Rhone, France - Now £9.49 at Laithwaite's

Special Price: £6.99 when you mix 6 or more

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This bottle contains all you would expect from a rich and powerful classic from the Rhône region, without spending a fortune. A glass of this deep ruby blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre will greet you with a distinct sweet smell of red forest fruits and develop pleasant, dry tannins on the tongue. The aftertaste is spicy and leaves you with a bon appétit for yet another sip of its velvety texture.

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Cabalié 2015, Pays d'Oc, France - Now £8.99 at Laithwaite's

Special Price: £6.99 when you buy 24 bottles

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Would you believe us if we said we hailed this wine the best from all the tasting? Cabalié will sweep you off your feet. It combines vanilla sweetness and old-vine richness, power and gentleness, yin and yang. It has a texture from heaven and feels like falling in love. Serve this wine and you will impress. Try it and you might not want to share a drop. But you know what? Enough of this exaltation. Just try it and remember - you have been warned.

Black Stump Chardonnay Pinot Grigio
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Black Stump Chardonnay Pinot Grigio 2016, South Eastern Australia - Now £9.49 at Laithwaite's

Special Price: £8.49 when you mix 6 bottles or more

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Chardonnay AND Pinot Grigio? When you get a combination of two distinctive styles mixed together like this, the results must be as interesting, as they are wholesome. Why decide between wines that are minerally refreshing (flowers) and honey-creamy-intense (fruits), if you can have both, nicely balanced in one glass? This is such an Aussie style people pleaser: modern, ripe and sun-kissed, with a funny accent.

Canet Picpoul de Pinet
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Vignobles Canet Picpoul de Pinet 2015, Coteaux du Languedoc, France - Now £9.99 at Laithwaite's

Special Price: £8.99 when you mix 6 bottles or more

Use our £30 voucher and pay just £5.66 when you buy 9 bottles

If you like your wine white, mineral and dry, you would appreciate this exotic and mysterious beauty from Languedoc. Here you can experience sweet and fruity smells and then salient, spicy zing of lime on the tongue. Very interesting wine and hard to describe, but enough to be fascinated. Study carefully, maybe you will come up with better words.

Abbesse Rose
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Abbesse Rosé 2015, France - Now £8.99 at Laithwaite's

Special Price: £7.99 when you mix 6 bottles or more

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We have good news for people with a tendency to get SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Let us introduce you to one of the tools in the arsenal of coping mechanisms which, used in moderation, might be helpful in the Season of Darkness. Abbesse Rosé is visually light pink, which is a colour of sheer happiness. It tastes of strawberries, redcurrants and cherries, which are more than likely to remind you of a long gone vegetation season. It does not demand anything from you, it understands. It is best served chilled, to magnify its refreshing capabilities. It is a Vin de France, the land of troubadours and - say it with me - cheeeeeese. And wine. And Edith Piaf. And wine. Right.

Andresen LBV Port
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Andresen Late Bottled Vintage 2011, Portugal - Now £12.99 at Laithwaite's

Use our £40 voucher and pay just £7.99 when you buy 8 bottles

So finally, we have reached the Port.There are so many aromas to be discerned in this liquid red velvet: chocolate, plums, spices, raisins, nuts, tobacco. Sweet, deep and charming. Reminds you of Christmas pudding and can be proudly served next to it, with all the typical seasonal surroundings. With vintage quality to it, this price is a bargain. Enjoy!

Split Rock Sauvignon
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Split Rock 10th Anniversary Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2015, Marlborough, New Zealand

Sorry, this wine is currently unavailable

You could see how proud and happy Seifried Estate representatives were while serving their award-winning speciality to crowds buzzing around their table. Excellent, rich and refreshing, with aromas of zesty citruses and mouthwatering acidity. There is a very satisfying vigour in this honey-coloured, exciting liquid. This is what Tiggers - or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc lovers - like the most!

*This article is showing the prices and stock available on 16/11/2016.

by Natalia Rapp, 10th November 2016

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