How to Find the Best Deals on Champagne in Supermarkets this Christmas

Christmas Champagne Offers

As the co-founder of WinesDirect, I often scour the internet for the best champagne offers to show on our website. Whilst not all supermarket champagne deals are as good as they appear, there are some amazing offers if you know what to look for. Being two weeks until Christmas I thought this would be a good time for me to share my knowledge.

The Best Champagne Offers

Here is the good news for champagne lovers: Supermarkets use fantastic deals on champagne to encourage customers to place an order in the hope you will become a regular customer. This doesn't mean that all champagne offers in supermarkets are great deals, because many of the 'lesser known' champagnes are discounted for much of the year anyway, and wine experts will tell you that these champagnes are only worth the discounted price anyway. Supermarkets will occasionally (especially around Christmas) discount the well known 'Grand Marque' champagnes by up to 62%, and this is where the real bargains can be found. However, even when these champagnes are offered at half price, the saving is not quite as good as you might think, as you will often find the same champagnes at smaller merchants at around 20% cheaper than the supermarket's undiscounted price. You can use WinesDirect to check out other large and small wine merchant's prices before buying to make sure you are getting the best deal on Champagne.

How to Avoid Ordering Out-of-Stock Champagne

If you have chosen a supermarket to order from there is a chance they will not have your champagne in stock, and they will offer you a substitute which might not be discounted (however you can opt-out of being offered a substitute). This is the case with Asda, Ocado, Tesco and Sainsbury's groceries, but does not apply to orders with Waitrose Wine or Tesco Wine by the Case, because these are dedicated wine departments and you will not usually be able to order an out-of-stock product. Tesco Wine By The Case delivers your order in six-bottle cases, so you need to order at least six bottles of the same product. Waitrose Wine has a minimum order of 12 bottles, but you can mix-and-match any products to fill a case.

Bollinger Under £22

I have seen some of the finest champagnes in supermarkets at under £22 this year including Taittinger, Bollinger and Moet Chandon, and they often sell out in a matter of hours. My advice is to check Monday morning at around 10am as this is when the new deals often first appear (actually it can be any weekday morning but Monday is the most common one).

25% Off All Champagnes

Occasionally supermarkets will offer at least 25% off all champagnes and when Tesco wine by the case make this offer, many champagnes are up to 62% off. This is a great time to buy because there are often some great deals. You can use WinesDirect to help you find them, such as our half price champagne deal finder.

Champagne for Under £10

You will occasionally see champagnes for under £10, often during the 25% off all champagne sales. Even at other times by using our champagne vouchers, you can often bring the price down to £10 or less. See our cheapest champagne search to see the cheapest champagne available from our merchants.

Find The Best Champagne Offers With WinesDirect

Champagne Offer Emails

When you subscribe to our champagne offers email, we will alert you to deals such as the 25% off all champagne from Tesco, and when champagnes are available for under £10.

Champagne Price Alerts

Set up a price alert for your favourite champagnes. Simply click on the red Price Alert button on WinesDirect, select the price-per-bottle you are prepared to pay, and we’ll email you when we find a matching deal. We'll email on the morning of the deal, if you get emailed hurry because stock is usually limited!

Champagne Vouchers

We have a range of voucher codes that can be used against champagne from most of our 23 merchants. Many of these codes are exclusive to WinesDirect.

WinesDirect are currently also offering several voucher codes for new and existing Tesco customers, so you can save up to £100 on a single order by using our exclusive voucher codes.

Award-winning Champagnes

Through our partnership with the IWSC (International Wines and Spirits Competition) we tell you which champagnes are award winning champagnes. If they have won a gold medal or are "best in class" we also include the tasting notes from the experts. Combined with our offers, this will help you select a champagne that is not only an award winner but also a great deal!

I hope you find this helpful and please send me any feedback you have to If you find these articles helpful, I will send out another one next week on wine.

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Nice article

Great article but how do I set up a price alert for Cristal?


Reviewed by Thomas Doe, 13th December 2011

Price Alert for Cristal

Hi Thomas, Go to the Cristal page, and click the Red Price Alert box. hope that helps! Jon


Reviewed by Jon Rebuck, 13th December 2011

M&S £10 off £100 Voucher
M&S £10 off £100 Voucher
M&S £10 off £100 Voucher